Positivity is my mantra. I always try to put an optimistic spin on things. After all, for the most part, what goes on in the world is outside of our immediate control.

Sometimes, in the middle of a difficult time, we need to smile and remember the phase we heard as children – “You really have to laugh or cry.” Well, I prefer to laugh – and I think that as we get a bit older we have the opportunity to take a more light-hearted approach to the things that we took so seriously when we were younger. Do you feel the same way?

The older I get, the more able I am to laugh at my own mistakes and forgive others when they wrong me. In this way, humour is not just comedy – it is lightness of heart. It is the willingness to take a deep breath and see the world without judgement. When you are truly able to do this, the world becomes a very funny place indeed!

Laughter isn’t just good for your relationships with others. According to scientists, laughter can also be good for your physical and emotional health. It releases feel-good brain chemicals, which can help to relieve pain, ease stress and increase happiness.

Best of all, laughing is free! So, no matter how you’re feeling today, why not have a good laugh? Your body and brain will thank you!

What makes you laugh? Do you agree that taking time for humor – and even silliness – is essential to life after 60? Please leave your comments below. Let’s have a good giggle together!

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