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A Letter to Your Younger Self – What Would You Say?

By Sixty and Me May 05, 2016 Mindset

What message would you put on a postcard to your younger self? That was the fantastic question that our community member and guest blogger, Tamera Grieshaber, posted to our conversations section today. In her own words, she said:

“I was a pretty typical child of the 50s and 60’s and took a very traditional life-path. High school. College. Job. Marriage. Kids.

40 years later, I decided that the old rocking chair was getting uncomfortable and it was time to take some risks. I do not have regrets about the choices that I made in my life. I would not be the person I am today if I had made different choices. In fact, I’m pretty comfortable with who I am. But, I have learned a few things along the way – and, I hope I continue learning!

You have learned, too and I would like to know what you have learned.

If you could send a post card back to a younger you, what would you say? What lesson would you share? What bit of wisdom would have made your journey more fulfilling? Less painful? More fun?

What would you write on that postcard?”

I absolutely love this question. We shouldn’t regret the past. At the same time, we shouldn’t ignore the wisdom that we have accumulated over the years. As older women, we have an opportunity – some would say a responsibility – to share our wisdom with the world.

Here Are a Few of the Comments that our Community Members Added

maryjromano said, “Watch your debt. Credit cards are necessary, but must be controlled. Material things are fleeting and don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.”

elenapro added, “First, I would tell my younger self to take more risks. I waited for far too long to follow my dreams. Now, I feel like I’m playing catch up! Oh well, better late than never!

Second, I would tell my younger self not to take her body for granted. As someone once said, ‘it is the greatest tool that you will ever own.’ I would tell myself to spend more time outside, doing active things with the people I loved.”

Idtoner said, “Have more fun! Worry less, laugh more. Of course, hard work is necessary in life, but emphasize the JOY!”

mariapazrodriguez made an excellent point, when she said, “Don’t let that low self esteem prevent you from getting what you want in your life, you are beautiful, body and soul!”

There were other comments that I loved, but, these were a few of the first ones in the discussion.

I’d love to get your thoughts on this!

If you could write a message on a postcard and send it to your younger self, what would you say and why? Please join the conversation.

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