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5 Limiting Beliefs That Steal Your Joy After 60

By Joanie Marx October 10, 2022 Mindset

If you had a choice between taking an easy path or a hard, difficult road to manifest your desires after 60, which would you choose?

At first, you may say the easy path. But how true has that been up to this point in your life?

Most of our generation was taught that if it’s easy it’s not worth doing.

Few of us would ever consciously say we want our life to be full of struggle, strife, and suffering. But it would seem that is exactly what it has been for so many.

Could it be many of the most time-honored beliefs our generation were raised on are limiting beliefs?

Just what exactly is a limiting belief? And how are they affecting your desire to live life to the fullest after 60?

In this new, four-part series for Sixty and Me readers, we will take an eye-opening journey together to discover the true nature of limiting beliefs and how to remove them from your life path, once and for all.

Each article will be accompanied by a brief video, in which I will share timely insights, journal prompts, and empowering action items you can apply to your life right away.

What Is a Limiting Belief?

A limiting belief is a reoccurring thought whose underlying premise, and origin, is rooted in fear, scarcity, and unworthiness.

Targeting the soft underbelly of who you are, limiting beliefs convince you that you do not have enough of what it takes to be loved, successful, happy, or fulfilled.

From its point of origin, an incalculable number of limiting beliefs spring forth, each one appearing at first to support your desires for a good life.

For example, five of the more prominent limiting beliefs our generation inherited, which have been passed on to future generations as essential to being loved, happy, and fulfilled are:

  1. The harder you work the more likely it is you will succeed.
  2. To achieve your desires, you must sacrifice having fun.
  3. Your worth and value comes from the approval of others.
  4. Once you choose a path to be on in life, you must stay on it.
  5. Serving other people’s needs over your own is selfless and generous.

How familiar are these to you? Would you initially perceive them as limiting beliefs or tried-and-true guidelines for creating a healthy, quality life?

On the surface, these five limiting beliefs, and others like them, appear to make sense. But when you peel back the layers of traditionally held beliefs about how life works, you begin to realize how limiting they are.

I Was Shocked

When I first began understanding what a limiting belief is, I was shocked at how much my life, and overall sense of self-worth, was attached to them.

For instance, my willingness to work exceedingly long hours and my tenacious, never-give-up attitude were driving forces behind co-founding and building a multi-million-dollar consumer product company.

These attributes carried over to enjoying over 30 years as a character actor, producer, and brand spokeswoman in the entertainment industry.

At the height of my success was an increasingly sinking feeling that the void I believed all this hard work would fill in me was not only unfilled, but it was also growing.

After surviving a series of profound upheavals in my life, I began the process of tracing the origins of my beliefs. My intention was to identify and remove the influence of the beliefs that were no longer in the best interest of my overall well-being.

I immediately started to replace these limiting beliefs with more empowered beliefs. Granted, that sounds like a reasonable thing to do. And it did have a positive effect on my life.

Unfortunately, I discovered something else that radically changed everything.

Trying to get rid of a limiting belief without a deeper understanding of how they cleverly influence the choices we make in life only reinforces their presence.

In the next article in this four-part series, we will look at these influences and learn how limiting beliefs masquerade as positive beliefs.

I invite you watch the companion video for this article. I will share additional insights on limiting beliefs that affect those over 60. To help you integrate what you are learning, I also guide you through an action item and six journal prompts.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What limiting beliefs are ruling your life? Have you gotten rid of some? Which ones do you think have the most impact on your life today?

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It is remarkable that you can get to 60 and still let anyone influence you. I got a terminal case of “Don’tgiveaf$#kitis” at 50. it’s been remarkably liberating. I should have known this sooner, but it took awhile and making the same mistakes over to finally understand.


Joanie, I look forward to your series! I do believe we were raised with a lot of limiting beliefs!
By the way, it would be great if YOUR BYLINE at the top of this article was bigger, and in darker print! On my screen, it is tiny and gray, almost fading away! I know we are not tiny and gray and fading away!
Lauren Teton,
founder of Twifties, the fun people over 50
and providing TwiftiesGear to make our life simpler

Sundari Nanda

Limiting Beliefs! WOW! Thanks for the prod! It’s made me sit up!


I am greatly looking forward to this series. I identified with each limiting belief, although about 15 years ago (I’m 70 y.o. now) I fully realized that #1 on the list was not true. It made me feel a bit bitter. I won’t go on from there but you get the trajectory of my subsequent thinking. It isn’t good. Therefore I need and look forward to this series. Thank you.


Hi Joanie,
I enjoyed the video on the limiting beliefs that rule our lives.
I always put other first before my needs. I started to not volunteer to do things or try and fix things for people. I let things play out before I interact. This is a work in progress.

The work hard ethics is engrained in me. I am wanting to retire but I am worried because this is all I ever knew was to work hard to get ahead.

I do not seek approval anymore. This ran me ragged. I had to stop and say I love myself. I thought my looks are what people liked about me. I know better now.

The Author

Joanie Marx is a three-time bestselling author and the creator of the new, groundbreaking Refocus & Renew Your Life® online course series on Udemy. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Psychology, and a leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life.

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