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Living Comfortably Solely Off of Your Social Security Income is Entirely Possible in One of These Cities

By Sixty and Me August 20, 2018 Senior Living

Living paycheck to paycheck is a struggle that so many of us regularly deal with.

But when the only paycheck you’re living off of comes from monthly Social Security benefits, that struggle can become almost unmanageable depending on where you live.

Trying to live comfortably only off of Social Security benefits requires a living in a location with a low cost of living, which many people assume also means a low quality of living – but that isn’t always true!

Low-Cost Doesn’t Always Mean Low-Quality

With the average monthly Social Security benefits falling around $1,400, many people find that without another source of income or hefty retirement savings, their “golden years” are turning out to be anything but golden.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, you might want to consider where you are living. Do you currently reside in a location that boasts a high cost of living?

Cities and areas with a high cost of living make it pretty much impossible for anyone existing solely on Social Security benefits to live there – at least, to live comfortably.

Which is why after looking through GOBankingRates list of the top 20 cities to live off of Social Security alone, you may be ready to pack up your belongings and move!

Their list, compiled by comparing the cost of living, livability, and median rent in 143 US cities, proves that a low-cost of living doesn’t necessarily mean a low-quality of living or sub-par living standards.

With beautiful and inviting cities like Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Wichita Falls, Texas, on the list, it’s clear that you don’t have to compromise your quality of life to live somewhere affordable!

A Few Highlights from the Top 20 Cities

While it is worth checking out the complete list of 20 cities, here’s a glimpse at a few cities that stood out as being highly appealing places to live comfortably and affordably.

Lynchburg, Virginia: Lynchburg boasts a very high livability score likely due to the breathtaking scenery and rich history the city possesses.

From outdoor recreation to museums and art galleries, there is no shortage of things to do here all while only paying an average rent of $949/month.

lynchburg-virginia-town places to retire

Brownsville, Texas: For those looking to avoid harsh winters while enjoying their golden years, Brownsville is the perfect place to call home. Located at the southernmost tip of Texas, residents of this city are able to enjoy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and some of the best seafood in the region.

And with a median rent under $900/month, you will have plenty of room in the budget to treat yourself to some freshly caught fish and a comfy chair on the beach!

brownsville-texas-places to retire

Wichita Falls, Texas: With seven cities in Texas making the list of top 20 cities to live off Social Security, it’s no surprise that Wichita Falls is a top choice.

Located in the Northeast corner of the Panhandle/Plains area of North Texas, Wichita Falls has something for everyone from the symphony to the 13-mile trail system to good old-fashioned rodeos.

With the median rent falling around $875/month, you will have plenty of money to comfortably enjoy all that this city has to offer, including access to the state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that they are known for!

wichita-falls-texas-places to retire

Lawton, Oklahoma: With the median rent falling under $700/month, Lawton is one of the cities with the lowest cost of living on the list – while still maintaining a high quality of living!

Living paycheck to paycheck will be a thing of the past when living in Lawton, allowing you to enjoy all the rich culture and history that this diverse and affordable town has to offer!

If you aren’t quite ready to pick up and move just yet, check out GoBankingRates list of the best places in every state to live on a fixed income and their list of 20 tips for living comfortably off of only Social Security – both incredibly helpful resources that can be put to good use without leaving whatever state you currently call home.

Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck due to a high cost of living? Have you ever lived or considered moving to one of the cities on this list? How do you stretch your Social Security benefits further to live more comfortably? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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