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Look Spectacular in Just 15 Minutes With Affordable E.L.F. Cosmetics

By Sixty and Me March 20, 2019 Beauty

Margaret Manning finds some real gems in the E.L.F. line of cosmetics. E.L.F. stands for “Eyes, Lips, and Face” and is affordable and available almost anywhere.

In this 15­–minute makeup tutorial, Margaret gives some great tips and tricks for making up the mature face to look vibrant and blooming with health.

A Perfect Canvas – Prepare Your Skin for Color

Ready to create a work of art? Start with a clean, moisturized face. Margaret uses her favorite Catrice Fine and Shine as a primer to help set and smooth her foundation.

Applying foundation properly is can make the difference between skin that simply looks healthy and skin that looks covered with makeup. Margaret used her favorite L’Oreal Infallible 24–hour foundation in the shade called “Sand”. She also shaped her eyebrows with Wunderbrow in Blonde.

Are You Blushing? – Then You’re Beautiful

The best way to get that healthy, vibrant look is the proper application of blush. Not sure how to apply blush for a natural look? Smile and dot the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Then sweep it back toward your ears without going too low.

Margaret found a cream blush in a wonderful 4–color palette from E.L.F. The compact contained two peach tones, one light and one darker, as well as two pink tones, a vibrant pink and a rose color. This combination allowed her to match her blush color to her mood and her outfit.

The Eyes Have It – All the Attention

Eyes are one of the initial features a person notices on a face. They are also the aspect that women over 60 tend to feel most sE.L.F.–conscious about because the delicate skin around the eye ages first. Margaret first applies her favorite Ariane Pool Eyeshine liquid eyeliner in Crystal Taupe to smooth the lid and prepare it for shadow.

Margaret found a great 5–color eye shadow palette in beautiful neutral tones. Put the lightest color on your lids and a darker color just along the crease. Of course, you can use a brush with this, but a finger works just as well.

Fringe Forever – Make Mascara Work for You

Long thick lashes are a woman over 60’s best friend since they draw attention to sparkling eyes and away from any wrinkles around them. Margaret was especially happy with the brush included with the E.L.F. mascara. It’s short, stubby shape allowed her to easily maneuver it and enhance even the smallest lashes at the inner corner of her eye.

Don’t forget to curl those lashes first!

Conceal and Highlight – Bring Out the Best, Hide the Rest

Concealer adds additional smoothness to the complexion while highlight brings attention to your best features. E.L.F. has a great product for this – both a concealer and highlighter in one convenient tube. While Margaret doesn’t generally bother with concealer, she did want to give this handy item a try.

Make sure you don’t put the concealer right under the eye. Just put a small amount right where the darkness starts and tap it in gently with a finger. Go over the same area with the highlighter, treating it in the same way.

Speak Up – Lips That Make a Statement

Make your lips remarkable! While Margaret stuck with her favorite lip pencil – a KIKO’s liner in Coral, she was quite impressed with the E.L.F. lipstick. The lipstick went on smoothly but looked matte, and the color didn’t change after being worn for a while.

Mature women often struggle with thinning or uneven lips. For the most luscious smile, line the very outer edge of your mouth and fill in your lips with the pencil to give your lipstick more staying power. Margaret used two shade of E.L.F. lipstick – Ravishing Rose as a base and Pink Minx on top.

Don’t Break the Bank – Beauty Can be Affordable and Fun

Being a mature woman has many perks. You can be outrageous and have fun with little things like clothes and makeup. Your life experience has given you the confidence to try something new and the aplomb to pull it off.

Joie de vivre!

Look Spectacular in Just 15 Minutes With Affordable E.L.F. Cosmetics

What would you say is your greatest makeup challenge? What is your best feature and how do you accentuate it? Do you have a favorite brand of makeup? Let us know! Let’s talk!

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