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Double Chin Makeup Tips That Really Work (Especially for Mature Women!)

By Margaret Manning December 09, 2018 Interviews

Sagging facial skin is a problem for many women over 60. Do you wrestle with this yourself? Join us in this short demonstration with makeup artist Ariane Poole who has found the perfect solution. Enjoy the show!

Margaret Manning:

My guest today is celebrity makeup artist Ariane Poole. Ariane has been in the industry for many years and has worked with some of the most famous and beautiful women from all around the world – Catherine Zeta-Jones, Penelope Cruz, Andie MacDowell, and many others.

What I love about Ariane, though, is that she doesn’t only work with celebrities. In fact, she really cares about normal women like you and I, trying to make us all look the best that we can in our 60s and beyond. It’s really great to have you here, Ariane.

Ariane Poole:

It is such a pleasure. Yes, I do really care. We aren’t all celebrities, but we should be treated that way.


I love that answer. I think famous people are just like us. They have the same problems with sleeping, they’ve got things on their mind. Some of the techniques that you’ve learned from working with those people are wonderful and can be applied on anyone.


It’s really interesting that you said we’re very similar. I was speaking to one lady, and when she started telling me that she’d vacuumed her carpets, my reaction was, “You do housework? Oh, my God!” I was surprised, but I should know that they do housework as well.


Well, that’s an interesting tidbit. We do have more things in common with celebrities than we realize. One thing in particular is a double chin. This is what I want us to discuss today. The jowls and sagging facial skin we get as we grow older.


Absolutely! Of course, you may want to get that surgically removed, or hooked with a line with that new procedure we see advertised. If you’re keen on that kind of thing, that’s absolutely fine. But, if you’re squeamish like me, there are a few tricks that you can do, including facial exercises. Didn’t you do facial yoga at one time?


No, but I would love to. In fact, we should do a video on that together.


We should definitely consider it. Yoga really helps keep your skin toned and tightened. One tip that a very well-known celebrity shared with me was, “You should wear a turtleneck or polo neck.” Apparently, it frames the face very nicely.

You could do that if you wanted to, but I get very warm and don’t like to have anything around my neck. It drives me crazy. I used to love it when I was younger and didn’t have a double chin. But now, it’s a different story.

So, what I would suggest is using a matte kind of bronzer. Mine has got this wonderful retractable brush. The reason why I like using it is because I can adjust the size of the brush to make it a little stiffer.

You might have a stiffer brush at home, and if you do, go ahead and use it. You want the brush to be about the size of your thumb. If it’s too large, the bronzer will get all over the place.

Before I start with the bronzer, I first make sure that my cheekbones are emphasized. For this purpose, I use a bronzer of my range called Crème Caramel, but you can use your favorite product. So, I swirl the extended brush over the bronzer palette and pop that underneath my cheekbone.

That gives a height to the area above my cheekbone, an indentation right below it, and more structure around my jaw. I’m going to make my brush a little bit smaller, and then I’m going to swirl over the bronzer again, going mainly over the darker side.

With that, I’m going to go along my jaw line, and then blend down toward my neck. I always put bronzer on my neck because we don’t get any color there, and that looks weird. But you can see the difference now.


Yes, it’s really noticeable.


And it’s very simple.


I’m interested in this topic, so I watch videos of younger women applying different contouring techniques. I know older women are advised to not bother with contouring, though. Isn’t this, in a way, what you just did?


That little bit of contouring I did is actually helpful for our aging face that starts to sag because of gravity. Unless you’re someone who does lots of facial exercises or opts to have some work done on their face, then you’re going to have sagging skin.

For instance, I know that the sides of my face have become a little bit droopier than I would like them to be. This technique is a really good way to take care of that visually, but you need to do that tiny bit of contouring on your cheekbone as well.

This is not the kind of contouring that you see those young girls doing on YouTube. We don’t want to look unrealistic. This little bit of shading I showed you, as I would prefer to call it, is for us ladies that are in our 60s and beyond. It gives us back the structure in our face without looking false, especially since we’re using a natural color.


It looks very natural.


It does. It gives that bit of my jawline a little bit of lift.


That is such a simple piece of advice. Thank you that even though you showed us your products, you always suggest using our own favorite brands. And thank you for showing us that we don’t have to spend a lot of money on a makeup product if we just know how to use it.


A lot of women in the Sixty and Me community may keep a bronzer in their makeup bag, thinking, “I’m only going to be using the bronzer in the summer months, when I need a little bit of color.” Use your bronzer. As long as it’s not the highlighting kind of bronzer, you’ll get really great results.


Wonderful advice, and simple too. I’m glad you demonstrated the technique because the transformation was really easy to see. You’re a makeup genius and always look great. Thanks a lot, Ariane. Take care.

What do you do to lessen the sagging in your face? Do you do yoga? Did you find this makeup technique helpful and fun? Please share your thoughts and questions below.

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