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5 Ways to Look Younger (NOT OLDER!) Wearing Blush and How to Keep Blush from Disappearing

By Elise Marquam-Jahns September 25, 2020 Beauty

I think many of us get a little nervous when we apply blush because we’ve all seen it go horribly wrong. But the good news is that for those of us with mature skin there are five things we can do to insure that blush gives us a beautiful, healthier – and dare I say it, a more youthful – radiant glow.

And if you’d like some recommendations of great blush products, be sure to check out the video.

Does Wearing Blush Really Make a Difference?

So, does it really make a difference if we wear blush? I can categorically say yes. As we get older, a few things change. Our cheeks lose their natural color (as do our lips, by the way) and become less defined because we start to lose some elasticity in our skin. Which means we begin to lose facial contrast.

And the more facial contrast we have, the more attractive we look to others. So, to bring back that dewy, lit-from-within flush we used to have, blush can come to the rescue. But, in order to look our best, we need to use it a little differently than we did in our 20s and 30s.

Where Should We Apply Blush?

The first thing we need to do is apply blush in the right place. The old axiom that we’ve heard for years is that we should apply blush on the apples of our cheeks. But where have those apples gone? Gravity has had its way and those apples have gone further south.

We want to work against gravity and do everything we can to lift our features. Therefore, the best place for us to apply blush is along the middle of our cheekbones in an upward sweep toward our ears. And we want to make sure the blush comes no closer than two finger widths from our nose.

Which Blush Formula Is Best?

We also need to use the right blush formula. It’s likely that for many years we’ve used powder blushes which dominate the makeup market. But most of us have probably noticed that our skin has been getting a little bit drier, and powderblush can intensify this effect – which equates to looking older.

A powder blush formula can also accentuate any fine lines or wrinkles we have – and when applied over a liquid foundation (which many of us wear), it can also look splotchy.

A cream formula, on the other hand, creates a dewy finish since it hydrates and sinks into the skin. It’s also less likely to settle into fine lines, and it more easily blends into the skin which creates a more natural look.

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What’s the Best Way to Apply Blush?

The third thing we need to do is apply just a little blush and then build it up if we need a little more color. It’s far easier to gradually build color than to start with too much color and try to remove some of it.

I think we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve gone in a little too heavy handed with our blush. Naturally, we then had to work very hard to blend it in or had to remove it and start over. Either of these routes often results in disturbing the rest of our makeup.

How Do We Make Sure Our Blush Looks Flawless?

The fourth thing we can do to make sure our blush look flawless is to blend it in thoroughly. Just as with eye shadow, we don’t want any harsh lines of demarcation to show. We want a gorgeous natural flush with no stop or start lines.

To ensure perfectly blended edges we can use a dampened makeup sponge to gently pat along the edges. Another option is to go back over the edges with our foundation brush or pat over the edges with a finishing powder.

What Color Blush Is Best?

Choosing the right color blush is important. And in order to choose the right color, we need to know if we have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone to our skin.

Women with a warm undertone should go with peach or coral colors. Those of us with a cool undertone look best in pinks or plums. Finally, ladies with a neutral undertone can go with a light to medium peach or pink. And how deep we go with the color depends on how light or dark our skin tone is.

And if you’re not quite sure what your skin undertone is, here’s a link to a video where I go through the nine different ways you can determine the undertone of your skin:

How Can We Make Sure Our Blush Won’t Disappear?

And last, but certainly not least, let me give you a tip for ensuring that your blush stays in place longer once it’s applied. The trick is to layer our blush. First, apply a cream blush, then apply a very small amount of translucent powder over it, and finally, gently pat on some powder blush on top.

Do you wear blush? What do you feel is your biggest challenge in regard to wearing blush? Have you found a blush formulation or color that you really love? Please share it with our sisters!

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Elise Marquam-Jahns is a professional makeup artist who is passionate about helping women 50+ get their glow back. She is the founder of Boomer and Beyond Beauty and runs the “Boomer and Beyond Beauty with Elise” YouTube channel. Elise has authored the free guide The Top Four Research-Proven Makeup Techniques That Help Us Look Our Best Now.

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