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Makeup for Older Women: My Magical 7-Item Kiko Inspired Travel Kit

Makeup for older women isn’t just about finding the right products for your skin. It’s also about having the right products on hand, when you need them.

Like many women, I carry around quite a few makeup items in my handbag. But, when I travel, I like to lighten things up a bit. For this reason, I am always excited when I find fantastic dual-use makeup products.

Kiko Isn’t Just for Teenagers!

Next week, I am going to be setting off on a trip to France. So, I decided to take this opportunity to pull together a quick travel makeup kit with only 7 items. I also wanted to try out some Kiko products that I have had my eye on for some time. I also wanted to show you how I use dual use makeup products like these.

After a quick visit to my local Kiko store, here in Switzerland, I managed to find some fabulous items! In this video, I’d like to share some of my favorite Kiko products with you and give you a quick demonstration of how I use them.

Kiko usually brands itself as a store for younger women, but, I found plenty of products that will look great on women our age. Enjoy the show!

Here’s My 7-Item Kiko Inspired Travel Makeup Kit

The first item that I used is not a Kiko product, but, it’s still fantastic. I started by applying Ariane Poole Ultimate Face Tint. It’s a wonderful foundation and moisturizer in one.

Next, I found a magical Kiko eyeliner and eyeshadow, called Double Dare. It only costs $3 and it works really well.

As you may have heard Ariane Poole say in our previous interviews, volumizing mascaras work especially well for us older women. So, today, I’m using Endless Sky Volume Effect Mascara.

Since I will probably be going out in the evenings, I decided to add Kiko Eyetech Eyeshadow in gold to my travel makeup bag. I just love this look! Don’t you?

Next, I used a little Touche Eclat highlighter above my eyes.

Moving on to my lips, I found a colorful lip liner, called Kiko Free Spirit, Lips and Cheeks. It’s creamy and goes on super easy. Since the entire point of this exercise was to take as few items as possible, I’m also using it on my cheeks. I was nervous at first, because the color is so bright, but, I think that it turned out well!

Finally, I used an Essence eyebrow brush to complete my look.

So, that’s it! Not all of the products in the travel makeup bag that I will be taking to France are from Kiko. But, I definitely focused on this brand overall. Next time, I’ll choose another makeup line to show you the difference.

What makeup items do you usually take with you when you travel? Have you tried any of Kiko’s products? Are there any topics that you would like Ariane Poole and me to cover in a future makeup for older women tutorial video? Please let me know in the comments.

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