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Makeup Products I’ve Said Goodbye to – and Hello to – in My 60s and 70s

By Elise Marquam-Jahns April 04, 2024 Beauty

I was looking through my makeup drawer the other day, and I started thinking about some of the makeup products I’ve bid farewell to – and the makeup and beauty tools that have replaced them as I’ve gotten older.

So today I’ll share the products I’ve left behind as I moved into my 60s and 70s. And in addition, I thought I’d also include the products that I’ve now found to be essential as I’ve gotten older. I’d also love to know in the comment section below the products that you no longer reach for and the products that you’ve added in the last few years that have become essential.

Now I have to say up front that the products and tools I’ll be sharing today are things that no longer work for me. But that doesn’t mean that the same is true for you. These products and tools may very well still be an important part of your makeup routine. So if the makeup I’m about to talk about does work for you, I’m delighted that’s the case and I’m definitely not judging. With that said, let’s jump to the list.

The Makeup Products I’ve Said Goodbye To

Black Eyeliner

The first product that I used to use religiously that I haven’t picked up for quite some time is black eyeliner. Now I definitely do still wear eyeliner regularly because it’s a wonderful way to enhance my eyes and give my lashes a more voluminous look. But I’ve replaced the black eyeliner with either brown, grey or navy blue eyeliner.

Although black can be beautiful, I feel that on me it simply looks too strong and harsh. What helps me achieve the softer look that I’m most comfortable with now is a different color eyeliner as well as a different way to apply it. So, I usually use an angled eyebrow brush to apply powder eyeshadow as my eyeliner rather than an eyeliner pencil.

Powder Blush

The second item I’ve left behind is powder blush. Because my skin has gotten drier, I find that powder blush tends to settle in my fine lines, looks splotchy and – quite frankly – ages me. A softer, more natural look for me is a cream or liquid blush.

There has been a boatload of wonderful cream and liquid blushes that have come out over this past year! Elf just came out with some great new liquid blushes which I showcased in a recent YouTube video. Some other blushes I really love are the After Glow liquid blushes from Nars, makeup artist Daniel Sandler’s liquid blushes and cream blushes from Doll 10 and Makeup by Mario.  

Be sure to check out Elise’s YouTube channel which specifically focuses on makeup tips, techniques, and product reviews for those of us 50+. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Nude Lipstick

As we get older, our lips and skin get paler and we need more contrast, and a light color or nude lipstick absolutely washes us out. Then I top the lipstick off with gloss to help my lips look bigger. Gloss has become a real essential for me since our lips also get smaller as we get older and one of my all time favorites is from Lawless.

Setting Powder

I still need setting powder in my T-Zone since that area gets shiny, but in my 20s through my 40s I was still applying powder all over my face. Powder all over my face – especially with my dry skin – almost creates a mask like look for me now which I feel is unattractive.

Matte Foundation

On me matte foundation looks harsh and ages me. I’ll always opt for a satin finish or dewy finish foundation. One of my very top favorite foundations now is the Light Reflecting Foundation from Nars.  Other really good ones are The Revealer Foundation from Kosas, the Luminous foundation from ABH and Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Foundation.  

Uncomfortable Shoes

And the last thing I’ve definitely left behind – which is not a makeup product – is uncomfortable shoes –no matter how cute or stylish they are. And since I have a large bunion on my left foot, no high heels for me. It’s comfortable shoes – along with padded socks and an orthotic – all the way!

The Products I’ve Said Hello to

Magnifying mirror

Now let’s move on to products I’ve said “hello to” in my 60s and 70s that are absolutely essential for me. We recently moved and before my husband mounted my 10x magnifying mirror on the master bathroom wall of our new place, I was using a small hand held magnifying mirror that was a 5 magnification. Well, when I first looked in my 10x magnification mirror, I couldn’t believe all the face and chin hair I’d missed.

Having a 10x magnification mirror that allows me to see that peach fuzz along with the black chin hairs that pop out – is, for me, a must-have. That peach fuzz on our face not only makes our makeup more difficult to apply, but it also can make our skin look duller.

Facial Hair Remover

Number two is the product that removes that peach fuzz easily and safely. It’s the Finishing Touch Flawless facial hair remover. It’s small, lightweight, and great for travel. And most importantly it’s a fast, easy and safe way to get a beautifully smooth face.

Lip Liner

Number three is lip liner, but not just any lip liner. It’s L’Oreal’s Age Perfect lip liners that not only come in 8 beautiful colors but which also have an ingredient that helps prevent lipstick from migrating into those fine vertical lines around my lips.

Eye Primer

As my skin has gotten drier, my eyelids have gotten oilier. If I didn’t use an eye primer, my eye shadow would crease and smudge within 30 minutes. In addition, using an eye primer which matches my skin or is a bit lighter, covers the discoloration on my eyelids, brightens my eyes and helps them look bigger – even if I’m not wearing eyeshadow.

My four favorites are Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion in the shade” Eden” – (also called “Nude Matte”), Sigma’s Eyeshadow Base Primer in “Ignite,” Makeup by Mario’s Master Eye Prep and Set in “Light” and Rare Beauty’s Eye Primer.  

Color Corrector

If you also deal with dark circles under your eyes, this next product might also be essential for you. It’s a color corrector. Color correctors are designed to cover the blue or purplish colored tones of under eye circles. For most of us, a shade of light to medium to deep peach or salmon will be our best bet. Then gently tap on concealer over it. My favorite correctors are from Doll 10 in Pink Quartz, Becca by Smashbox in “Fair/Light,” and Elf’s Concealer in Light Peach. (SHOW).

Brow Mascara Gel

My eyebrows are a constant source of wonder and surprise. Often I’ll notice a wiry white or grey hair that’s appeared seemingly out of nowhere! Those white and grey brow hairs are a whole different texture which refuses to be covered by almost any eyebrow powders or pencils. But what does cover them is a wonderful product from Maybelline: their Brow Fast Sculpt Mascara Gel (recently renamed Express Brow Fast Sculpt Gel). It’s one of the only products I’ve found that instantly covers white and grey brow hairs.


This last product – also has to do with hair – but hair on our scalp rather than on our eyebrows. My hair has gotten a lot thinner in the past year and for a number of months I was losing a lot of hair, and it was pretty disconcerting. So, I finally decided to purchase a wiglet and I absolutely love it.

Wiglets are smaller add-on hair pieces that create additional volume for the front of the head, the front and top, the top and crown or the top and partial back. They’re easy to put on and remove and are comfortable and lightweight. The wiglet that I purchased about 10 months ago has been a lifesaver.

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Let’s Have a Conversation:

What are the makeup products you’ve discontinued using as you’ve gotten older? What makeup products have you added that have now become essential?

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and for your shampoo and conditioner try Living Libation or Act & Acre, fantastic line and clean!

Elise Marquam jahns

Hi, Lisa–Thanks for this suggestion!


For my tinted liquid makeup, mascara, plus pencils and more is LUK, an Australia company- all natural ingredients.
If your hair is thinning, I reach for Biotin. BioSil is another product that works, this has to do with hormonal changes, specially the thyroid. Six month with BioSil, then just biotin. I use Pure Encapsulation! Castor oil organic from Queen of the Thrones, great for your brows and lashes, hair and skin. All natural products that works.

Elise Marquam jahns

Thanks so much, Lisa. I appreciate your sharing this information with us.

Gayle Dee

As I’ve aged I use the less is more make up approach. And I have added more moisture to my skin. When I use makeup I focus on my dark circles, add a brow mascara, a moisturizing lipstick, a lip liner, a tinted facial serum or moisturizer, and sun screen – always. When in direct sun I add a shielding hat. That’s about it. My glasses are tinted – no point putting additional eye make up on. The healthier my skin looks – and feels – the better. I keep my silver hair super healthy by spending a little more on my shampoos and hair conditioners – my silver hair sparkles.
I love the simplicity of my morning routines – less is more.

Elise Marquam jahns

Hi, Gayle–Thanks for sharing your routine with us. An emphasis on skin care as we get older is so important since we experience so many changes. It’s sounds like you’ve found a routine that works wonderfully well for you.


Thanks for sharing your makeup transition journey. I can relate to so many of your choices, including the comfortable shoes! Hashimoto thyroiditis has almost eliminated my right eyebrow. The product I rely on to correct that is NYX Lift & Snatch brow tint pen. Good color match and easy to use. I’ll be checking out your YouTube channel.

Elise Marquam jahns

Hi, Mindy–You’re very welcome. The makeup transition journey has certainly been an interesting one! That NYX Lift and Snatch Brow Tint Pen is absolutely outstanding and I’m so glad it’s working well for you. Thank goodness there are great drugstore products like this available to us. And I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of my other videos on my YouTube channel. It’s a wonderful community of women and I’m glad you’ll be joining us.


What pore blurring face primer would you recommend

Elise Marquam jahns

Hi, Shari–My favorite is Benefit’s Porefessional Face Primer. And if you have dry skin, they also have a Hydrating Porefessional version. Hope this helps!

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