In this makeup tips video for older women, we will discuss simple makeup tips with a special focus on choosing the right lipstick color.

As we were filming this video series, we saw time and time again that makeup colors look different on all of us. So, just for fun, we created this video to show you how the same lipstick looks completely different on our fabulous guests.

In Search of the Best Lipstick for Older Women

In this video we are all wearing a light coral color Armani Rouge D’Armani Sheer Lipstick. When you watch the video, you will see just how different it looks on each of us!

Ariane explains that there are two reasons for this. First, each woman’s skin has its own unique PH and this can affect the way that colors look on our skin. Second, our lip color itself varies, from dark blue to coral. This means that there is no right lipstick for older women. We need to find the right lipstick for us! Enjoy the show!

So, when you are choosing a lipstick you have to take into consideration your base lip color. If you have a blue lip base like Sylvia and I, consider a coral lipstick. It will turn pink. If you have a coral base like Ariane and Sylvia, you may want to go for a blue base lipstick. If, like Linda, you have a neutral lip base, go ahead and use any color you like! The best advice is to always try lipstick before you buy.

If you enjoy makeup and want to learn even more about how to get the look that you want, please check out our video series. I’m sure that you will find it as fun to watch as they were for Ariane and I to make!

What did you think of the makeup tips for older women presented in this video? Do you have any questions for Ariane or me? Please add your comments below.

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