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Marriage Rates Among Older Adults Rising Due to This One Heart-Warming Fact

By Sixty and Me February 20, 2018 News

It’s no secret that the concept of marriage has taken a beating in recent years. In movies and on TV, the very idea of tying yourself to someone for life is seen as, at best, antiquated and cute and, at worst, unrealistic and harmful.

All this media pressure, combined with shifting cultural views, has created a society in which fewer 18-64-year-olds than ever are married. Specifically, according to the latest census data, in 2016, only 48.6% of the people in this age group were married. That’s the lowest marriage rate on record.

Marriage Rates Among Older Adults Are Rising

There is one group that is fighting the trend towards single life – older adults. According to the same census data, 55.3% of adults over the age of 65 were married in 2016. This represents a solid uptick over previous decades.

So, what is driving these numbers? Are older adults learning to live together more harmoniously than before? Nope. Are older adults getting remarried after a divorce or loss of a spouse? Yes, many of us are, but, not enough to tip the numbers.

Here’s the Real Reason Marriage Rates Are Rising for Us

In reality, according to researchers, the main driver of the increase in the marriage rate among older adults is the longevity of our husbands. Simply put, men are living longer and, as a result, we are staying married longer.

Specifically, according to AARP, in the latest study, only 34% of women over 65 were widowed. That’s down from 50% in 1990!

This is fabulous news and I am so happy for my Sixty and Me sisters who have been able to enjoy life with their husbands for longer! In a world filled with negative news, I’m glad that I something positive to share!

Let’s Do More to Help the People We Love Live Longer

Of course, as positive as these numbers are, they only scratch the surface of what is possible. With healthy eating habits and more exercise, we can help to push the death-rate for all older adults – and especially men – even further down!

To get you started, here are a few articles that you and your husband may find useful. I hope that they help you to find the health and happiness that you both deserve!

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The other week, I received an email that made my day. In it, one of my Sixty and Me sisters, an 86-year-old woman, said that she had purchased our gentle yoga for seniors DVDs and that her 90-year-old husband had decided to join her. How absolutely wonderful! I just can’t help but smile when I think about the idea of these two wonderful people doing yoga together every morning!

I hope that you and your partner are doing well and that you are both in good health!

What are you doing to stay healthy in the best years of your life? If you are married, do you encourage your partner to stay healthy too? Do you do any healthy activities together? Which ones? Let’s have a chat!

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