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5 Best Medical Alert Systems

By Jessica Thomas July 02, 2021 Aging

We don’t want to believe that we get more fragile as we get older, but we do. While that’s not inevitable, there are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself in amazing health, like a great diet and physical exercise. It also helps to be informed about what changes are happening with your body so you can prepare. For instance, we lose bone density as we age, and if we fall or get hurt, the damage is worse than it would have been, say, twenty years ago.  A bad fall in the shower, while outside on your own, or anywhere else can lead to injuries that can even get worse if you’re lying there and can’t get up. You might be with someone, but you might also be on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your independence, and one way to keep it is by thinking about a medical alert system.

5 of the Best Medical Alert Systems

Nowadays, technology has evolved to fascinating new places, and brand-new devices have been developed that can do so much. For example, medical alert systems can put you in touch with a trained agent who can immediately get you the help you need in case of a fall where you can’t reach a phone. In addition, the quick action caused by medical alert systems can prevent an injury from getting substantially worse. 

In addition, no medical alert system is the same, and you’ll find that out shortly. Each has its own perks, and many are more reliable than others. You don’t have to look any further because here is a brief list of the five best medical alert systems:

#1 Medical Guardian

Hailed by Best Company as one of the best medical alert systems in the United States, Medical Guardian talks the talk and walks the walk. This system was developed in 2005 and boasts a TMA Five Diamond Certification, which is a big deal in the medical alert system world. They have a wide variety of systems to fit all kinds of different lifestyles. Their products range from home bases, to the Mini Guardian, which can be conveniently clipped to your belt loop, to products such as the Active Guardian, which has GPS technology. Customers have left rave reviews about the reliability of their call centers and the accessibility of their products!

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#2 Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is considered one of the best medical alert systems because of its versatile products, reliable monitoring services, and agreeable price point. Some of their gadgets include the SOS Smartwatch for when you’re on the go. It’s also great if you want a few cool features like a step-tracker and a heart monitor, as well as the SplitSecnd In-Car Alert, which offers in-car monitoring, tracks your location, and has automatic car crash detection so you can get help on the road in any sticky situation. Their prices go from $19.95-$39.95 per month. 

#3 Medical Alert

Another dependable medical alert system, Medical Alert, is like your favorite friendly neighbor. They’re dependable, they’re always around your house, and they can even get in touch with family and caregivers. Medical Alert offers easy-to-use home and mobile systems with long battery life. Other features Medical Alert offers to ensure you’re doing well is a mobile app for caregivers, wearable devices such as a convenient wearable wrist button, and automatic fall detection. In addition, their packages go for as low as $19.95, so you can get plenty of bang for your buck and feel completely satisfied and reassured with the value of their products and monitoring services. 

#4 LifeStation

LifeStation is included in this list as one of the best medical alert systems you could get because they offer a variety of monitoring devices. Their service is to the point and fast in case of an emergency, and they have a lot of interesting collaborations with their products. For example, you can fully integrate your LifeStation device with your Amazon Alexa. 

LifeStation offers services for in-home and on-the-go, and the battery life for their devices can run for up to five days. Some other cool features this medical alert system offers are loud speakers to enable hearing throughout the home. They also have discreet trendy devices like their Sidekick, which is small and can be worn on a pendant, or their Sidekick Smart, which masquerades as a sleek smartwatch. You’ll never have to worry about clunky devices when it comes to LifeStation. 

#5 Aloe Care Health

A newcomer to the market of medical alert systems, Aloe Care Health is quickly gaining traction for its convenient apps and smart devices. Their three plans are pretty straightforward in their devices, and there are even handy built-in temperature and air-quality sensors in their devices. Aloe Care Health products are like the cool guy/gal’s medical alert system, with a sleek design and wearable devices that don’t look clunky or overwhelming. This system doesn’t even need a landline or WiFi to run, as it uses 4G networks to contact the emergency response teams responsible for getting you the appropriate help needed. 

The Best Medical Alert Systems Revealed

It can be pretty overwhelming picking one over all the other guys when it comes to the best medical alert systems. There are many devices, features, and even designs that can make it hard to pick. But, hopefully, the best medical alert systems mentioned above resonate with you. These medical alert systems have been singled out among their competitors for a variety of factors, whether it’s their response time, the designs they offer, the versatility of their products, and even if they can be used on the go. 

The systems mentioned above were deemed as the best medical alert systems because they allow you to get back to your routine and daily life without worrying about the what-ifs of a harmful fall or other injuries. Though you may not believe a fall is in your future, it is better to be safe than sorry. Though this can be learned the hard way, you shouldn’t have to! Any of these medical alert systems catch your eye? Take the first step, and get the quality reassurance that help will be on your side no matter what injury crosses your way!

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