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Did You Know You Are More Beautiful When You Are Outside in Nature

By Verla Fortier March 26, 2024 Health and Fitness

Did you know that you’re more attractive when you’re out in nature? It’s like a beauty makeover from Mother Nature herself.

And this is why. It’s all about blood flow and the amazing symphony it creates in your body.

Your automatic nervous system is always in party or playground mode – balancing the see-saw between fight/flight and rest/digest. It’s like a dance, and a teeter totter – both moves are essential.

Fight vs. Rest Mode

When you are rushing around – for example, in your house working (cleaning, cooking, organizing) or doing some stressful computer work – your blood rushes to your arms and legs, away from your head, core, and the rest of your body. This is called the fight-flight side of your autonomic nervous system.

But then, when you’re doing anything at all in green space, the rest and digest side takes over. Now, why does this matter? Well, in rest and digest mode, blood flows to the good stuff – your head, your heart, your core, and, yes, even your private parts. Your genital system gets a boost, making you more attractive to others, and others more attractive to you – a win-win situation!

Nature Is a Smile Booster

And you smile more when you are outside in green spaces (no wonder). Your thinking loosens when you are outside, so you are more open to new and fun ideas. This alone makes you more attractive to others. Plus, as the green space science shows your heart rate slows down and so does your breathing.

Your rest and digest system soothes your mind and body. No wonder green space science shows that you are happier and more generous when you are outside in nature. For more research on how your time in green space has widespread effects throughout your body, please check out my latest book, Optimize Your Heart Rate: Balance Your Mind and Body With Green Space.

But Wait, There’s More!

Your sphincter muscles (the ones holding in your secrets, like when you gotta go) decide to relax, and your bladder gets a gentle squeeze to help you out. It’s like your body’s saying, “Hey, let’s let it all go.” So here is where it is handy to know where the outdoor bathrooms are or how to do the same outside.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. When you rest and digest system takes over, tears flow for eye lubrication (and maybe a bit for that emotional touch), your nose runs (bring a handkerchief), and your pupils get the memo for better sleep.

A Whole-Body Makeover

In a nutshell, being outside isn’t just a beauty boost – it’s a whole-body makeover. So, grab those snow boots and dance in the snow. Nature’s beauty secret is waiting for you, and it’s the kind of makeover that gives you moves beyond the dance floor.

For more science based information on what spending time outside does for your heart and nervous system, please listen to my podcast Your Outside Mindset Episode 32 with Professor Andy Jones titled, “Green Space Consistently provides a 20% reduction in Bad Things – If We Had a Pill for That We’d Take it.’’

In my nursing world, we use the following language to describe the effect of the rest-digest system. The parasympathetic nervous system exerts its effects on the autonomically controlled organs of the head, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis – but not the limbs or skin.

We are all unaware of the automatic processes that carry on in our minds and bodies when our nervous system comes back into balance when we are outside in nature. Just knowing this green space science will help your brain to believe this and for you to become aware of all the gifts that nature gives to you and yours. All you have to do is get there – and find small ways to protect it so it is always there for you and for your grandchildren.


Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you feel more attractive when you are outside? Have you noticed that you smile more and that others smile at you? Do you feel more open, relaxed, or free when you are outside in nature? Please share a small thing that you do to help protect nature.

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Lili Anderson

When I am outside, I am almost instantly relaxed. The sunshine and fresh air do work wonders for me. If I hear a bird sing, I stop and listen – and smile! One small way I help protect nature is I am meticulous about recycling correctly. Thanks for the thoughts. It is good for us to remember to get outside when we can!

The Author

Verla Fortier, a retired professor of nursing, manages her lupus erythematosus by living and playing outside in Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada, on the edge of the boreal forest. For free evidence-based green space health tips visit her website

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