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5 years ago

Pandemonium, Pictures from Jupiter and Politics

Good morning! Today is Pandemonium Day, which seems strangely fitting, given everything that has been going in the world recently. In the United States, after much speculation, Donald Trump has said that he will announce his VP pick this Friday. In the UK, Theresa May has officially taken over as Prime Minister. In science news, NASA’s probe has sent back its first pictures of Jupiter. They are amazing, by the way! Join us as we discuss these stories, plus the situation in the South China Sea, the landing of Solar Impulse in Cairo and much more! I’ll also be announcing who won the magical French tea that I mentioned yesterday! Come join us for a cup of tea and a chat! Read More

5 years ago

Earthquakes, Football and Telemedicine

Welcome to a new week! I hope that you are doing well! Don’t forget that Mornings with Sixty and Me is YOUR show. So, please take the time to join the conversation in the comments section below. Read More

5 years ago

Celebrating Getting Older

Welcome to Mornings with Sixty and Me. It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Switzerland. I’m going to head down to the lake today for some fresh air and sunshine. I hope that you have something wonderful planned with your friends and family! Read More

5 years ago

Forgiveness, Truth and Chocolate

Well, it’s almost the weekend… finally! And, today, we have no fewer than 3 holidays to celebrate. It’s Global Forgiveness Day, International Tell the Truth Day and, my favorite, International Chocolate Day! Read More

5 years ago

Soldiers, Sanctions and Anti-Aging Creams

Leading today’s headlines is the UK’s official inquiry into Britain’s decision to participate in the Iraq war. Of course, this also comes at a time when the UK is dealing with the aftermath of the decision to leave the EU, so, emotions in this part of the world are already running high. Read More