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Movie Club: Enough Said, Directed by Nicole Holofcener

By Margaret Manning March 08, 2014 Mindset

Some movies take us into fantasy worlds, where we can escape for a few hours. As we watch, we leave the complexity of our daily lives behind. “Enough Said” is not one of those movies. Instead, an all-star cast and fabulous script will take you into the lives of two ordinary middle aged people looking for love. They face all the doubts and fears that many older men and women experience when looking for a relationship after a divorce.

The basic story line of the movie is that Eva, a middle aged divorced woman (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), starts dating Albert (the late James Gandolfini). The twist is that she learns he is the ex-husband of a new girlfriend (Catherine Keener). Should Eva listen to her new girlfriend’s advice or follow her heart?

The memorable reality is that this was James Gandolfino’s last role, before his unexpected death. Many reviewers say that he plays this part of Albert as well as his well-known, but different role, as Tony Soprano. It is wonderful that he had a chance to explore, and deliver with brilliance, a role that is funny, romantic and touching.

The script is insightful. It does not let the characters hide from the complexities of emotion around love, divorce, hurt and trust. Eva doesn’t want to fall in love, yet finds herself magnetically drawn towards Albert.

Why did I choose this film for the Sixty and Me Movie Club? First, because it shows the nature of a middle aged relationship in contrast to the love of youth. Albert does not match Eva’s “ideal” lover. He is not classically handsome. In fact, he’s described as a “cuddly bear.”

Also, Albert has an insecurity about himself and his relationship with his ex-wife and his daughter (Eve Hewson). I think the key message of the movie is that middle aged love is messy. It shows us how divorced relationships are confusing and sometimes hurtful. On a more positive note, it shows us that mature love is often focused on a person’s inner qualities rather than their outward appearance or reputation.

Enough Said” is definitely a movie for grown-ups. It might inspire single women in the Sixty and Me Community to rebuild their self-confidence and start dating again. Perhaps it will even inspire them to accept a new man into their lives. At the very least, it is a hopeful and positive movie and a tribute to James Gandolfino.

If you don’t already have a copy of “Enough Said,” you can buy a DVD or watch it on Amazon Instant Video.

To kick things off, here are a few questions for discussion. Please add your thoughts in the comments:

Do you think that divorced couples can ever be friends?

Why do you think Eva did not want to get involved with Alfred?

What was the most endearing scene in the movie?

Did you identify with any of the characters? If so, which one and why?

Did the movie end in the way you wanted it to?

How would you describe Albert’s relationship with the three women in this film?

How is love in your fifties different? What has been your experience at finding love a second time?

I hope you enjoy being a part of our movie club for women over 60! Please leave your comments below. 

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