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My Fast and Fun 2-Minute Makeup for Older Women Tutorial

By Margaret Manning October 27, 2018 Beauty

In our busy everyday lives, we rarely have time to do full, lengthy makeovers. But what about a 2-minute makeup session? Let’s give it a go!

One of the things I do often is makeup tutorials. I love fashion and makeup, though once we get to the benchmark of 60, we do it for different reasons. We care about makeup and fashion because they help us to reflect our inner self on our outer canvas.

We’re not necessarily trying to look younger or change any perceptions. As we get a little older, we tend to realize that our beauty is coming from within, and makeup helps us reveal it more openly.

Today’s video is inspired from the lack of time we often face. For instance, I was trying to catch a train the other day, and I had about five minutes to get to the station. I live very close, but I knew I had about a minute to do my makeup.

I thought, “Can I actually put all my makeup on in two minutes and still be there in time for the train?” I gave it a go, and it worked, but I’m not sure how I’ll manage it now in front of the camera.


I’m going to use Ariane Poole’s products. Starting with foundation, I’ll go all the way through to my eyes and cheeks and try to do as much as I can in two minutes.

First though, I have already applied my facial oil, My Growing Younger Gracefully Facial Oil. It’s a product I really love and use all the time. The down side is that it needs a couple of minutes to settle.

So, let’s see what we can do in two minutes. We’re all busy in our everyday lives, and makeup should just be part of our routine that helps us enjoy our lives.

Just for clarification, all products I’m using are listed in the details below the video.

Ready, set, go!

I’m starting with applying my foundation, so it covers any uneven tan and gives a nice tone to start with. Don’t use too much, or the effect will be opposite.

Next, I will do my eyes. I’m using a beautiful liquid to matte topaz color that I’m tapping gently on my eyelids. Then comes my volumizing black mascara. I’m trying to hurry without any mishaps.

Eyebrows are next. I have to admit it’s a little challenging to do them while I’m talking and trying to hurry to fit in the two-minute frame. But I feel I need to give my brows a bit of shape. This product is very lovely.

Now here comes the blush, and I’m using a color called sunset. It gives a nice glow, and I love how it looks on my skin.

Next comes my lip liner on the outside of the lips, followed by a beautiful coral lip balm.

Finally, I’ll put a tiny dab of concealer/highlighter on my eyes, and we are done.

That’s it – my two-minute makeup. Normally, I’d spend a little more on my eyes and my eyebrows, but this is a good job when hurrying to fit in the two-minute time frame. I hope that you enjoyed the transformation!

makeup over 60 makeover tutorial

So, I urge you, go out and have fun today. Do something with your makeup. Take a couple of minutes, like I just did, to pop on a few bits of color and enjoy the life that you have. Thank you so much for being here, and I look forward to seeing you all again very, very soon. Bye, bye for now.

Have you timed your quickest makeup application? What can you accomplish for two minutes? Which products are the most important in your makeup routine? Please share in the comments below!

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