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My Sparkly Makeup for Older Women Holiday Makeover – Makeup List Below :)

By Margaret Manning December 03, 2018 Beauty

Planning your holiday evening makeup isn’t the easiest task ever. But if you want to really sparkle, tune in to this demonstration with Margaret Manning. Enjoy the show!

Margaret Manning:

Hello, everyone. This is Margaret Manning, your host at Sixty and Me. Today I’m going to present a special makeup demonstration that’s a little different than what I usually do.

Normally, I would put on daytime makeup, but the holidays are drawing near, and I thought it’s time to do something fun. So, let’s do a sparkle look and disregard all those comments about whether or not women over 60 should put sparkly things on their face or fingers.

To prepare for a holiday dinner, I would first consider what I would wear. I’d probably go for a dress or blouse with a scoop neck. Then I would choose a necklace and start with my normal makeup application. In the end, I’d add a few little touches of glitter and sparkle.

Let me first mention that all I have on my face right now is a facial oil. This is something I wear all the time. In the last couple of years, I’ve tried facial oils of all kinds, and I’ve discovered some great ones.

Today, I’ve used one called Growing Younger Gracefully, which I discovered in Bali. It’s created by a lovely woman, Sheena Sarles, and I love it. So, the facial oil goes on first, and I let it sit for a few minutes, to get absorbed in the skin.

Then I normally continue with a primer like my Catrice Prime and Fine. Today I’m going to use my Doctor Denese SPF 30 cream, which is a primer/tinted moisturizer. I only use a little bit of it, and it serves as a base with a nice texture. Of course, you can use any kind of primer or tinted moisturizer.

Next, I’m going to apply L’Oréal’s Infallible Mat 24-Hour foundation. It’s among my favorites, along with IT Cosmetics’ foundation and Ariane Poole’s Ultimate Face Tint which I use all the time. With L’Oréal, I go for the Sable color which is the perfect blend for my complexion.

I prefer to apply most of my makeup using my fingers, as I find it way easier than using brushes for everything. So, I’ll try to apply the foundation as evenly as I can, and cover all of my face – even my eyelids and age spots. Whatever method you choose for application, just enjoy the process and have fun.

When it comes to blush, I often use Orgasm by NARS, which is a coral color, though it looks a little pinker than it is. It’s very flexible and has a touch of a gold tint as well, which I love.

Apply your blush starting at the apple of your cheek and bring it back. Don’t go too high or too low, just keep it in the middle. Go easy with the blush though, as you want to have a natural look. So, that’s where I start with my makeup: blush and foundation.

The next thing I will focus on is my eyes. This is one area where you can really play and have fun. I use Ariane Poole products a lot because I really love her eye shines. The first one I used from that line is called Crystal Taupe, which is a beige color. Now she’s come up with this grey one, and I really like it.

I decided it would make for a great start for my eye look. It’s creamy in texture, then turns to matte. It comes with a brush, but I like to use my fingers to apply it. I take a little bit of it and put it on the space of my eyelid. It looks really pretty and is also a little shiny but settles once it turns into matte.

It feels good when you put it on, and you really can’t make a mistake with it. You can also build it up by adding a bit more over the initial coat until you reach the tone that’s just right for you. So, that’s my grey base, and I haven’t applied anything outside the socket area because I don’t want my wrinkles to pop.

The next thing I would do is put a bit of color to my eyes. I have a palette by a company called LOV. It’s part of the Catrice line, but I’m sure you can find a similar one everywhere. It’s got a combination of colors starting with a darker brown, going to a very light beige, darker beige, light purple, and finally reaching a darker purple.

Using my little elf brush, I’m going to take some of the darker brown and put it just above the grey and up to my eyebrow. I’ll blend it with my fingers to even it out. Then I’ll take a little bit of that light beige and put it right under my eyebrows to give them a definition.

The last thing I’m going to do for my sparkle is blend these beautiful purple colors together and apply them over the base of grey. The grey works great as a base and brings out the purple very nicely.

I will then take a little bit of the darker purple and put it just above the crease of my eye. This gives a bit of shape and definition to that area.

So far, I’ve created this really pretty purple look with a bit of a shadow at the top. I’m going to use one of the few brushes I own, and this one is designed for blending. It’s slanted, and rubbing it around the edge of your eye helps soften the makeup so it looks more natural.

I’ve already done more than I normally do on any given day, but for this look, I’ve decided to also use an eye liner. I recently discovered an eyeliner by Boots called Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner, and I’m using their grey one.

It’s sparkly, and you’ll see how it opens the eye once I apply it. You don’t need to use much or go too wide – just a touch is enough to give that sparkle we’re after.

Finally, to complete my eye look, I will use my ELF mascara that I love. It’s called e.l.f. Volumizing, and it’s got a teeny little brush which I absolutely adore because it allows me to apply mascara very easily. I would normally curl my eyelashes a bit, but I’m not going to this time, because this mascara has the same effect.

Ariane Poole, the makeup artist we work with on Sixty and Me, says that the only thing that you should want to be fat on your body is your eyelashes because they look great. Since this is a more evening look, I’ll add a couple more strokes to make it perfect.

Now it’s time to do my eyebrows. I’m going to use a product by Diego De La Palma. This is an Italian brand, which I purchased from Marks & Spencer in the UK. It’s got a little brush that you just pull up and then slide across to frame the brows. This one is taupe to match my natural color.

It’s interesting that all at once many companies started offering eyebrow products. It seems like they suddenly decided that women do care about their eyebrows. Of course we do. Brows do frame the eye. They’re really important.

Next come the lips. I have lost most of the color in my lips, so I always use a lip liner first. Today I’m using Kiko’s 303, though I use all different ones in their series. I line my lips to the edge, not going over, then I fill them in with the liner.

Because I wanted to make this evening look a little more dramatic, I actually bought a new lipstick. I often experiment with lipsticks, so this is not a high price one. It’s from the Christmas line by Catrice and is called Prismatic Pink which is kind of dark with a little glow.

I don’t really wear dark lipstick that much, but I thought I’d give it a try for this demonstration. The color is really nice, but it’s too dark for me. So, I’m going to add a little something extra to make it sparkle more.

This is a gloss from the Two-Faced Melted line. It’s called Peony and comes in a squeeze up bottle. Often, I will add this just at the last minute before an interview or a show to get that pink glow to my lips. I put a teeny bit on my upper lip and then simply touch it to the bottom. I really love the color.

Next, I’m going to use this highlighter concealer by Maybelline called Instant Anti-Aging Rewind. I don’t like the title, but that’s how they named it. This concealer is a honey color. I use it below my eyes and may even bring it to the edge of the eyes in case I’ve smudged some of my eye shadow.

The top is like a sponge, which is why I like it better than any of the concealers I’ve tried. Sometimes, if I think that the light-colored eye shadow didn’t accomplish enough of an accent below my brows, I’d use the concealer there too.

Maybelline also carry a brightener in the same line. It’s a bit lighter in color, and I’ll sometimes put that below my eyes, especially in the evening, then tap it with fingers so it blends well.

The very last thing on my sparkly evening makeup routine is powder. It’s by Catrice because I don’t like to spend a lot on powder. The one I use is transparent, and I apply it on my whole face to set the look.

So, that’s my makeup. I’m not going out to dinner at this very moment, but this would be the way that I would go out. Before I went out the door, I would probably grab a necklace, and you know I love my necklaces.

You’ve seen this one before because I’ve shown it to you. I chose it because I think it goes with the sparkle I put on my eyes and the brighter lips. This would be my look if I were going out for dinner.

Holiday Makeup for Older Women

I hope this demonstration was inspirational and that you will enjoy yourselves with holiday makeup. Embrace your beautiful aging face, and just have a good time. Have a happy holiday season, and don’t be afraid to use sparkle. Take very good care, everybody. Bye-bye for now.

Makeup List

Facial Oil – Growing Younger Gracefully

Primer – Dr Denese

Foundation – L’oreal Infallible 24 hour Matt

Blush – Nars Orgasm Powder Blush

Eye Shadow – Eyeshine by Ariane Poole – Grey

Eye Shadow – LOV Palette

Eyebrows – Diego Dalla Palma Volumizing Eyebrow Fixer

Eyeliner – Stay Perfect Liquid Eye Line Boots – Grey

Mascara – ELF – Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

Lip Liner – Kiko 303

Lipstick – Catrice – Prismatic Pink

Lip Gloss – Too Faced – Melted Pink Peony

Concealer – Maybelline Anti Age Rewind Concealer

Powder – Catrice Transparent

What is your makeup routine when preparing for a holiday dinner? Do you think women over a certain age should use sparkly products? What kinds of products do you use for those special winter time occasions? Please share in the comments below.

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