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New Year’s Resolutions – Building on the Past and Making Positive Plans for the Future

By Margaret Manning December 30, 2014 Mindset

Every December we look ahead at the future and take a deep breath. It’s been quite a year hasn’t it? I am absolutely sure that is true for every single person in our community.

New Year’s resolutions can be so overwhelming, often tinged with a sense of regret that the year has passed and we didn’t do everything we wanted. We have a feeling that we need to change a habit, improve on something, end a relationship, resolve to be better, be healthier, and life happier.

But, as we all know, from painful experience feeling and doing are very different things!

I like to look at New Year resolutions a little differently. I think that they are an incredibly positive opportunity to reject all ideas of regret and remorse and celebrate exactly where you are in this moment. I suggest that you don’t wait for the New Year to reflect on all the lessons you’ve learned this past year. I think that it’s time to celebrate them right now!

Yes, the New Year is a time to start fresh, improve and grow. But, it isn’t a time to reflect on your failures. It’s a time to celebrate who you are.

Appreciate what you have learned over the past year and keep going strong on your amazing life journey!

What did you learn about yourself this past year that you are you resolved to build on next year? What are you celebrating about the person you have become this past year and what are you looking forward to in the New Year? Please join the conversation.

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