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How Can One Word Help You Attract Love?

By Michele Burghardt December 30, 2023 Mindset

Are you feeling you’re ready to bid 2023 goodbye and start fresh with hope of a better year in 2024? If so, you’ll want to ask yourself, what are you willing to do differently to make it better?

Some People Make New Year’s Resolutions

But resolutions are not always a good plan. Only 9% of people keep their resolutions. Sometimes setting a big goal can be counterproductive because it simply seems like too much of a commitment and impossible to achieve. And you must be mentally ready for change so you’re able to stay motivated long enough to reach your goal.

We all know that nothing changes until something changes. So, if goal setting isn’t your thing, maybe setting a yearly intention is a better place for you to start.

Resolution vs Intention

An intention is one or two words that serve as your mantra or theme for the year. It’s a great way to keep you moving in the right direction without making it so black and white.

A good way to set your intention is to think of a noun or verb that defines how you want to live your upcoming year and creates a benchmark for your success. It’s your internal compass that keeps you heading in the right direction as you evaluate opportunities, make decisions, and take action.

Then, as you go throughout the year, you can check to see how well your decisions and actions are supporting your intention and make any adjustments so you can remain true to your year’s purpose. Living your intention is the easiest way to always find your true north.

A Year of Release

In 2023 my word for the year was RELEASE. I set this as my intention because there were some things I needed to let go of so I could make room for someone else. There were also work things I didn’t want to face up to and family issues I was letting frustrate me. I truly needed to embrace the concept of changing what I can and releasing the things I had no control over.

I knew I was struggling with this and making it my intention kept me focused on it throughout the entire year. Was I successful? Yes, I was some. But perfection is overrated, and I’m happy with my results and feel comfortable enough to choose something new for this year.

My Word for 2024 Is ALLOW

I’m setting ALLOW as my intention because I finally understand how sometimes you need to slow down to speed up and allow things to flow. I’m beginning to understand that you can’t rush the timing of the universe, and things will come to you if you open your heart and allow them in. This includes love. I’m ready to find someone special and I’m allowing love to flow into my life in 2024.

Other Possible Words

Your word is personal to you and can be anything you want it to be. What’s important is that you take some time to reflect on what will make this year better for you than the last. If you struggle to believe love is possible for you, maybe your word for the year could be LOVEABLE.

If fear is stopping you from dating, maybe you would pick FIERCE. Maybe you feel like you want to date, but you don’t know how, then you might want to choose something like KNOWLEDGE. One good method of picking the right word for you is to look at what you struggled with in the past and reframe it to a positive.

You can call your word your intention, theme, mantra – whatever feels comfortable for you. And don’t worry what anyone else might think. I share my word with friends. Some of them get it, and some of them don’t, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that I’ve made a commitment to grow in one specific area of my life throughout the new year. And that’s what counts.

After you decide on your word, write it out by hand on sticky notes and place them where you’ll see them on a regular basis. This will serve as a visual reminder for your brain to stay on course. You may want to move them around the house and rewrite them from time to time to keep your eye seeing them, and your brain receiving them. You don’t want your words to become so expected that they get ignored.

I Am an Intention Type of Person

I like having an intention for the year, and I think you will too. It makes me feel like, even at this stage of life, I am growing in the right direction. I hope you’ll take a moment and think about what changes you can make that will truly move the needle and make it easier for you to attract high-quality love into your life. Finding love is a journey and experiencing personal growth along the way makes it more fulfilling.

If you’re tired of struggling to date with clarity and confidence, check out The Perfect Dating Guide for Women over 50. It guides you through all the stages of dating and offers real-life examples of how coaching can improve how and who you date.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What changes can you make to help you attract love in the new year? What’s your biggest dating struggle to overcome?

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I definitely am ready to change…finding someone to love has been so hard, but I am not willing to give up and settle for being alone. This seems like the perfect time ..and place…to begin discovering what I can do to make this chapter of my life the best one yet. Happy New Year. Let’s make our hopes realities.

Michele Burghardt

Hi Pamela, I couldn’t agree more. Feel free to reach out if you need any help. I wish you all the best. xxoo Michele


Have been thinking a lot about this since I recently turned 70. I’m not willing to accept that I will spend the rest of my life alone. If I have to, then it is what it is but not ready to throw in the towel. My plans are to continue to push past my shyness and do more things I enjoy even if I have to do them alone. Can’t order up a relationship from UberEats or Amazon; you have to get out there. :-) Secondly, I have made a concentrated effort to no longer waste time with people who aren’t worthy of it. I was the Queen of giving 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances with little positive results and have been told many times that I am “too nice”. That ends this year. Recently had an encounter with someone who said he’d call in a ‘few minutes’. Two HOURS later he left a short voicemail with no apology and then a message that just said ‘call me’. Nope, I don’t think so. When you are truly interested in someone or something, you act like it. You make time for it. We’re too old for that “waiting by the phone” thing. Thank you, next!

Michele Burghardt

Hi Lee, I’m so proud of you!!! It sounds like you’ve really done the inner work it takes to feel worthy of dating high-quality men. You’ll never have to chase with the right man, he’ll want to impress you and spend time with you.

It sounds like you’re off to a great start. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on how things are going. If you need any help, feel free to reach out at xxoo Michele


TRUST is my word for 2024

Michele Burghardt

Hi Donna, I love that word!!!! I know it can be hard to trust someone new if you’ve been hurt in the past. Simply make sure his words and actions match and are consistent and you’ll feel confident and secure in no time. Congratulations on take this very big step! If you need any help, feel free to reach out xxoo Michele


Incorrect email

Michele Burghardt

Hi Cindi, I’m not sure what that means but you can reach me at Thanks Michele


I have M.s. and am on SSDI, I also work parttime. Own my house. What type of guy would want to date me?

Michele Burghardt

Hi Cndi, I understand how you can feel that way but it’s always hard to assume what someone else is thinking. If you’re honest and upfront with men, you will attract men whose love language is ‘being of service’ These are the men who show love by helping and doing for others. You are so much more than your illness and the right man will recognize that. If you need more dating help, feel free to reach out Sending you love my friend! xxoo Michele

The Author

Michele Burghardt is an author, speaker, and dating coach for women 50 and over with 20 + years of experience in the self-help area. She believes loving yourself is the first step to finding love. You can learn more about her transformational coaching style and her book at

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