Michele Burghardt is an author, speaker, and dating coach for women 50 and over with 20 + years of experience in the self-help area. She believes loving yourself is the first step to finding love. You can learn more about her transformational coaching style and her book at www.DateGreatGuys.com.

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4 days ago

How to Get Fun and Flirty Without Feeling Awkward

We all know how to flirt at least a little bit because some flirting happens subconsciously. This means it happens without our conscious awareness, so it’s very natural and automatic. Super sexual flirting isn’t done naturally, and that’s…

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1 month ago

How Does Masculine and Feminine Energy Impact Your Love Life?

One of the most common things I hear from women regarding what they want in a relationship is that they are looking for a true partner to share life’s joys and responsibilities. We are tired of being ‘in charge’ of everything, even though we’re so good at it…

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