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5 Words to Never Use in Your Online Dating Profile

By Andrea McGinty November 10, 2021 Dating

Returning to the dating scene is overwhelming, especially now that it’s gone digital. The work that goes into picking a platform, choosing flattering photos, and filling out the never-ending questions can be discouraging.

Need some motivation? There are over 100 million singles in America, and when 33 Thousand Dates recently surveyed 742 of them, 72% said they have returned to the dating scene after pulling back due to the pandemic.

So how do you craft a successful online dating profile?

While you likely know what you do want to convey about your personality, interests, and values, you should also consider what you do not want your responses to share about you.

There are certain words, phrases, and abbreviations to avoid so that your first impression is a positive one. Below are five to keep in mind.

Emotionally Available

This is insulting and obvious. Every woman wants a partner who fulfills their basic emotional needs. The term ‘emotionally available’ also implies that you think most men are not in touch with their emotions and don’t have feelings. Don’t scare prospects off before they have the chance to know the true you.

I Love to Travel

Dating profile clichés are all too common and apply to most everyone. You should reflect your individuality. If you want to express your love for travel, write about your favorite destination and share details on the activities you did and the food you ate.

And instead of saying that you like to read or watch movies, share your favorite books and authors or films and directors, and request recommendations.


In another recent study from 33 Thousand Dates that surveyed 1,419 singles, men said that their biggest turn off on a first date is negativity. Don’t let negative comments cloud who you really are!

Your personality will shine by focusing on what makes you happy, especially during these tough times. And don’t dismiss online dating by saying you dislike it – you’re there for a reason, and just remember: one in four couples married in 2019 met online!


Or any other abbreviations or slang terms for that matter! While it’s fine to incorporate these once you start messaging, you want to show potential suitors you’re mature and intelligent right off the bat. Think about the language you’d use in a cover letter – if a word doesn’t belong there, it doesn’t suit your dating profile either!


Stay away from hyper-political statements – no matter what your political stance is! – or half of the people who come across your profile will immediately swipe left (or the platform equivalent).

Political conversations are important, and you might not share the same views – but if you’re given the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, you might agree to disagree!

While you should never use the above, you also shouldn’t leave any areas blank (and always include at least five photos!). If you’re struggling with what to include, think about what you would want to see from someone – their authentic self!


Post photos of yourself that are recent and that are in good taste. Try to avoid photos with sunglasses or group photos. Also, photos of your children or grandchildren should not be on public dating platforms. Not to say you can’t share them once you start communicating with someone who sounds trustworthy.

Try to avoid posting photos that are 20 years old unless there is a story attached to it and you mention that the photo is not recent. Posting photos of yourself when you were 20 years younger is a recipe for disaster when you go on dates face to face. It can come off as quite deceiving. 

Consider these quick tips as well: use the site or app’s filters so you’re shown people who align with your preferences and geolocation. Many women mention that they get messages from men that are halfway across the world! Most importantly, feel empowered to own your dating journey – yes, that means swiping right and messaging first!

Have you tried online dating apps? What is your experience with setting up your profile? Have you encountered any cliches or phrases that struck you as odd to include on a profile? Please share your observations with the community!

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The Author

Andrea McGinty is the founder of It’s Just Lunch dating service. She sold it and founded so she could help singles navigating online dating. In the 2020s, she knows the best way to meet people is through online dating using a professional coach and specializes in singles in their 50s-70s!

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