Andrea McGinty is the founder of It’s Just Lunch dating service. She sold it and founded so she could help singles navigating online dating. In the 2020s, she knows the best way to meet people is through online dating using a professional coach and specializes in singles in their 50s-70s!

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2 days ago

10 Red Flags: Steer Clear of This Date!

I was asked this question. Not once, twice, thrice – but four times last week. As I’m on an online dating site/app with a client, perusing potential dates for them in my role as dating coach this topic came up: Is there a way to quickly identify a fake dating…

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2 weeks ago

4 Online Dating Tips for Seniors

When I think back 30 years ago into the 1990s, when I began my career as a dating coach, pre-internet, I shudder. The internet has grown with opportunities for online dating for everyone – from a 50-year-old woman to my eldest current…

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4 weeks ago

5 Online Dating Lessons to Learn This Week

As a dating coach for the past 25 years, I counsel my clients at on a weekly basis – from choosing the right dates online, how to write a dating profile, selecting the right site, to how to message men, and how to set up that first in-real-life date…

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2 months ago

10 Best Online Dating Tips from a Top Dating Consultant

For the past 25+ years, I have coached clients on dating – in the old days (90s and early 2000s) with matchmaking and in the 2010s and 2020s with online dating. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are over 100 million singles in the US alone…

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3 months ago

5-Day Dating Rule: How to Speed Up Online Dating and Get Real Dates

Ever heard of the 5-Day Momentum Rule? It’s a very powerful concept. As a dating coach/counselor with over 25 years of dating experience, I know this for a fact! This rule has gained even more importance in the past five years as our attention…

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4 months ago

10 Biggest Online Dating Mistakes

After 25+ years working with singles as a dating coach, helping them navigate online dating from writing dating profiles to teaching effective messaging techniques, wow, have I seen the weird, the humorous – and all in between!

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5 months ago

3 Keys to Success with Online Dating

Well, here’s some good news for online daters! According to research firm Pew, in 2020, 1 in 3 singles met and married via online dating. As a dating coach and dating counselor, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients happy – and celebrating…

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7 months ago

5 Tips for Dating Intentions in 2022

As one of my dear friends posted on Facebook this week “My New Year resolution is to open a Yoga studio for 2 weeks, then turn it into a wine bar.” Hah! We see how long resolutions last, right? So, let’s glide gently into 2022, alleviate the stress…

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8 months ago

How to Conquer Your Dating Fears and Find Love Online in 2022

For many women, diving into the world of online dating can be difficult, uncertain, and emotional. Online dating platforms are foreign to those of us who haven’t dated in decades, but they are a wonderful way to find love…

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8 months ago

Looking for Love in 2022? 5 Tips for Successful Online Dating

Trying out online dating for the first time or frustrated by the experience? Or heard the hype about January 3 – Dating Sunday/Singles’ Sunday? Below are five online dating tips I gathered in my 20+ years of experience as a matchmaker…

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