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How I Overcame My Podcast Fear

By Beverly Bowers July 31, 2023 Mindset

I recently agreed to be a guest on a podcast. Although repeatedly encouraged to do podcasts by my marketing manager, up to this point I have resisted. Why?

It’s very simple: Fear!

My Own Self-Doubts Were in the Way

There have been times in my past when I felt that I did not respond to a question well. Have you ever had that feeling? I think we all have.

I can create the perfect response afterward when I have more time to think it through. At least that is what I tell myself. Was the answer I gave to the question accurate? Yes. Was it perfect? No. So I perpetuate the self-judgment that I cannot think on my feet.

Why Did I Decide to Take a Chance Now?

First, I was asked by a fellow author at a Barnes & Noble Local Author Book Crawl. About 30 local authors, in two shifts, signed books and talked to potential readers and that included each other. My podcast host sat next to me, and we exchanged publishing and writing stories.

I was flattered that she would want me on her podcast. A few days later I was feeling anxious and worried. Yes, my fear clicked in! But I completed her podcast guest form and scheduled a date for the recording.

I began to list the things I needed to review before our session so that I would be prepared to answer any question she might ask about my book. (Even though I submitted the questions!) Then it happened! I participated in an inspirational virtual seminar on a totally different topic and this idea opened my mind – turn off the fear switch! What?

I know that I have control over my thoughts and actions, even those we think are automatic or ingrained, but could I let go of my fear? I created a mental image of me turning off a switch named “Podcast Fear.” Amazingly, I felt lighter and, when I thought of the podcast, I felt joy! Joy!!!

I realized that what I really wanted the podcast audience to know was why I wrote my book – it was my calling, my purpose, and it was in response to observations about how our economy rewards people and how women react in the financial world.

I could, and probably will, share key points from the book, but the most important thing for me to share is why that is important to them. Why take the time to read it? When I don’t feel the fear, I am excited to share this with the podcast listeners!

Do You Know That Fear Also Perpetuates Itself?

Everything we fear creates another fear, or it builds on itself until the burden is so heavy, we just give up. I don’t want to live my life in fear and the information I share in my book is important. It can change lives and that is why I wrote How to Dress a Naked Portfolio! I want every person to have the confidence to make smart financial decisions.

Although the process is universal, the outcome is totally unique because no one’s circumstances are exactly alike. The steps are not difficult, but it does take time and effort. It comes down to this: How badly do you want to feel financially comfortable and ready for the future?

My Fear Is Different from Your Fear

Your “fear” button may have a totally different name. Very likely it is not “podcast” but it might be dating or a new sport or a trip or a difficult conversation or moving to a new town or going to a different school. There is no end to the items that cause us anxiety. We try to help our children and grandchildren overcome their fears, too.

The exercise that I used may work for some and not for others. Please share what works for you.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have you overcome a particular fear? What method did you use? How did that make you feel? Do you have any financial fears? What do you intend to do to overcome them?

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The Author

Beverly Bowers is a retired financial planner who has been solely responsible for her financial life over 25 years. Her passion is to make investments understandable – dispel the mystery and simplify the process. In 2021 she self-published a book, How to Dress a Naked Portfolio, a Tailored Introduction to Investing for Women. She relishes questions from all levels of investors. You may submit questions and sign up for her blogs on her website.

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