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Peace Starts at Home with a Healthy Body and Mind

By Joan Craig June 14, 2020 Health and Fitness

After I feel sadness, anger, and overwhelm, I usually come back to this question: “How can I be of service?”

Globally, we are living through the pandemic. In the United States, we are witnessing or participating in a movement for more equality and justice, and many are fighting to protect our free speech. Many of you are witnessing and participating in our US struggle from your homes in other countries.

This question, “How can I be of service?” is front and center right now in my heart and mind.

I imagine that many of you are also feeling sad, angry, and overwhelmed. Most of the time, I write about ways to move your body well and to create a life of joyful health. Today I must recognize that it’s all connected… we need to take care of body, mind, spirit, AND community.

“How Can I Be an Instrument of Peace?”

Some people are called to be on the front lines of protests, and/or feel a moral duty to be there. They are standing for peace in the place of most danger.

For some, the protest line is not appropriate because of health, family responsibilities, or mind/body constitution. Please know that my suggestions are not at all intended to downplay the importance of public protests. But for all of us, peace starts at home.

Home = Community

What gifts and talents can we share in our communities, even while social distancing, to foster unity and support?

Home = Family and Friends

How can we reach out to support a loved one with tangible help, words, or just to listen?

Home = Our Bodies

Our bodies are the homes for our minds and spirits. What can we do today to take care of our body-homes, so that they are strong and energized to do what matters?

Home = Clear, Calm Mental State

What can we do today to calm our minds so that we can think clearly and take purposeful action?

Get in Your Zone of Genius

In The Big Leap, author Gay Hendricks encourages us to live in our “zone of genius.” When we are in our zone of genius, we are using our skills and talents for the greater good, with the biggest impact.

Each of us has many skills in our zones of competence and excellence. But when we are in our zone of genius, we feel we are “right where we are meant to be.”

Here are some examples of being in your zone of genius to help create peace at this time:

  • Do you love to cook? Make meals for neighbors, family, or friends who are overwhelmed right now.
  • Are you creative with music, words, or visual art? Use your creative powers to sing a song, make art, uplift others, and inspire peace with your words.
  • Do you have a powerful voice and a truth to speak? By all means, speak it! We need to hear about injustice so that we can change it.
  • Do you have a strong faith and spiritual practice? Dedicate your spiritual practices to emanating peace for all, without exception.

Body First, Service Second

I recently started following Kate Northrup, author of Do Less. She teaches entrepreneurs to practice “Body First, Business Second.” She states that when we put our bodies’ health after business, errands, chores, and others, eventually all areas of life suffer.

When we put our bodies first, in the form needed at the moment, we can thrive in all areas. Be more mindful of your body at this time. Stress and tension wreak havoc on muscles, digestion, and sleep. Take care of yourself! Then step up, speak up, and serve others as an instrument of peace.

I invite you to download a free Weekly Health Habits Tracker from my website, to help you keep your wellness plan simple and doable.

My intention is to help you align your body and your life to match your values so that you can DO WHAT MATTERS.

How are you being an instrument of peace at home in your community, family, body, and mind? How can you serve from your zone of genius? We’d love to hear from you!

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The Author

Joan Hope Craig has twenty years of experience as a yoga therapist and wellness coach, with expertise in scoliosis, posture, and balance. She teaches how simple habits lead to health, happiness, and purpose. She authored Change Point: Simplify Your Life, Find Inner Peace, and Do What Matters. Connect at

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