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5 Best Podcasts for Dementia Caregivers

By Sohail Ahmed March 12, 2024 Lifestyle

Podcasts are a great way to learn and relate with others who are living with dementia or taking care of dementia patients. As dementia awareness grows, many caregivers and doctors share their experiences and tips to help others to walk this challenging path.

These dementia podcasts help you to deal with the different behaviors of a dementia patient. The experts help you understand the physical and emotional needs of dementia patients and guide you to respond better and handle the daily caring challenges.

You can listen to the interviews and tips from experienced caregivers and learn about the latest tools and resources to improve your caring efforts.

1: Dementia Care Partner Talk Show

Teepa Snow is a “dementia educator” who helps you navigate the senior care maze. The podcast discusses creative ideas and solutions to common and uncommon dementia care challenges.

If you are caring for a dementia patient, you can ask Teepa to discuss the issues you face or the problems you have while caring for seniors with dementia. The Dementia Care Partner Talk Show is a must-follow podcast for family and professional caregivers.

Dementia Care Partner Talk Show is Available at Apple Podcasts, Amazon and YouTube.

2: Dementia Matters

Dementia Matters is a top podcast on Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of dementia. The podcast features experts in the dementia community to keep you updated on the latest research, studies, news, and caregiver resources.

The host interviews the leading scientists and caregiving experts who share tips and ideas to help humanize Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Nathaniel, the host of the podcast, is a geriatrician, memory clinic doctor, and medical director for the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. His father’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease inspired him to pursue a career as a scientist focused on dementia.

This is one of the best podcasts for seniors with dementia and dementia caregivers. Dementia patients find it helpful to understand and learn about cognitive decline while caregivers receive excellent tips to provide better care for dementia patients.

Dementia Matters is Available at Apple Podcasts and Podbean.

3: Let’s Talk Dementia

Dementia is so overwhelming, and you may feel helpless when your loved one is diagnosed with this disease. Carol’s uplifting and positive approach with thoughtful and practical advice can help you navigate dementia caregiving.

You may feel tired and frustrated as a caregiver to a dementia patient, but Carol provides excellent coaching and advice to remain patient and loving. She encourages you to keep going every day, despite the bad temptations to give up and feel like it is not your problem to help a loved one.

Let’s Talk Dementia is the best podcast on dementia for quick and enjoyable few minutes of education regarding caring for someone with dementia.

Dementia By Day is Available at Apple Podcasts and Radio Republic.

4: Dementia Untangled

This podcast features conversations with physicians, industry experts, and community leaders to create a supportive path for caregivers.

Dementia Untangled highlights innovative ideas and focuses on practical strategies and proven methods to help dementia patients and caregivers. The unique topics related to dementia are discussed with experts.

Here are some of the topics of the recent episode that I liked.

  • How to make your home dementia friendly.
  • Improve cognitive performance with your favorite music.
  • Can marijuana help dementia symptoms?
  • The loneliness of Alzheimer’s.
  • Strategies for traveling with dementia.

You can reach out with your questions and caregiving issues to the podcast for help. Dementia Untangled is an ideal dementia podcast to get tips from experts and physicians on how to take better care of your loved ones.

Dementia Untangled is Available at Apple Podcasts and Listen Notes.

5: What the Dementia

One thing that makes What the Dementia one of the best podcasts on this list is that the host will always give you the push that you need to deal with dementia patients. You will get a new understanding of what is going on with your loved one and find the information provided useful and relevant.

The host discusses the important issues that you may encounter as a care partner with practical suggestions and methodology to deal with the situation. You will be introduced to certain dementia care topics. The podcast makes you question certain practices that may be better approached differently.

The best podcast on dementia that integrates dementia care talks into everyday conversations. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone with a family member, friend, or spouse living with dementia.

What the Dementia is Available at Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

Technology and Caregiving

The podcasts in this list make you understand that you are not the only one with the issues you face daily when taking care of a dementia loved one. You can listen to dementia experts, professional caregivers, and scientists to navigate your dementia care issues.

Technology can help both dementia patients and caregivers. While the right apps, games, and gadgets keep dementia patients mentally active and entertained, podcasts introduce family and professional givers to professionals with a wealth of knowledge on how to better take care of their loved ones.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What technology tools do you use in your care for a loved one with dementia? Are there any professionals that you have found helpful? Do they have a podcast or other channel? Please share it with the community.

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McGill University provides a binder of information for the caregivers of dementia patients. Look under the tab McGill Cares.

Sohail Ahmed

Thanks for the comment Jennifer
Their McGill Care Webcasts is a great resource for dementia caregivers
if anyone wants to have a look, visit


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