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“Real Books” vs. Audiobooks – Why I Love Both!

By Margaret Manning August 03, 2013 Mindset

Since I started my professional career working in a bookstore, I have always had a passion for books. As a kid I was a voracious reader and often bumped into things as I walked along the street trying to read the last few pages of an intriguing chapter. My parents knew that a book was always a safe gift for me. But, as I got older and my life became more complicated, I found that I had less and less time for reading.

Frustrated by a lack of time to dig into my favorite books, I started to look around for a solution. After some searching, I came across the concept of audiobooks and my life has never been the same. At first, I purchased books on CD at my local book store and listen to them in my car. Then, I came across Audible is a service that allows you to download audiobooks to your phone, MP3 player, or computer and listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Now, I feel like a little girl again as I walk the streets listening to my favorite book. Of course, I do need to watch out for traffic!

I know this kind of multi-tasking might sound sacrilegious to paper book lovers. While I also love the feel of paper books, I find the advantages of listening to audiobooks greatly outweigh the costs. In addition to having more time for reading, I find that audiobooks also help me to work out. There is no way that I would spend time on a cardio machine without having a fantastic book along for the ride!

Can audiobooks do it all? No. I still have several beautiful books on textiles, art, and travel what would simply not be the same without the amazing pictures. There are doorways to visual delights that no audiobook can replace. That said, on balance, I find that audiobooks are a great addition to my life! If you are interested in trying out audiobooks too, Audible has a special offer where you can get a free audiobook when you sign up.

What’s your take on this? Have you ever tried audiobooks? Or, do you think that you will always prefer to stick with the tactile sensation that paper books provide? Please join the conversation.

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