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Really? Cheese-Fueled Brawl Breaks Out Between Senior Citizens at Costco

By Sixty and Me August 06, 2018 News

Costco is known for being a one-stop shop if you’re looking to buy household or food items in bulk, not to mention a variety of other miscellaneous items that you never knew you needed (a giant life-sized Teddy bear, vacation packages, custom painted pet portraits – the list goes on and on).

And let’s not forget the free food samples that you can enjoy to help keep your energy up as you wander the never-ending aisles of this warehouse giant.

In fact, these free food samples are so adored by customers that some are even willing to throw a punch to ensure that they don’t miss out on a tasty treat. No, we’re not kidding!

Don’t Cut the Line!

According to the Washington Post, while waiting in line for a free piece of cheese in a Greenville, South Carolina Costco, a 70-year old man watched in disbelief as another man, 72, cut in front of him in line, grabbed some free cheese and walked off without paying any mind to the other shoppers who were patiently waiting.

How rude!

Though annoyed, the 70-year-old man ignored the line-cutter and continued to wait for his cheese before wandering into another free sample line, this time, for cheeseburgers.

All was well once again as the 70-year-old waited for his next free sample until he noticed the notorious line-cutter approaching his sample line once again.

The septuagenarian decided that he wasn’t going to let this injustice happen twice and made a snide remark, sarcastically offering the line-cutter to get in front of him since he would probably just cut the line anyways.

To which the 72-year-old line cutter replied, “I will do it again!”

Oh no he didn’t!

Food Samples Turn Physical

The 70-year-old was not pleased with the line-cutter’s threatening response and angrily replied, “You’re a jerk!” which apparently, was taken as fighting words by the line-cutter.

The line-cutter responded by hitting the justice-seeking man on the right side of his head, knocking off his hat and glasses, according to an incident report conducted by the Greenville City Police Department and onlooking Costco employees.

After hitting the 70-year-old food sample enthusiast, the line-cutter scurried off of the scene, leaving Costco before police arrived. Luckily though, police were able to later identify the line-cutter and contact him for his statement.

The line-cutter admitted to being involved in an altercation, though he claimed that he merely “slapped” the man rather than knocked him upside the head.

While the details of the incident are still fuzzy, police were able to conclude that it was in no way motivated by or related to gang, terrorist, or hate-group activity – just cheese.

Which leaves only one remaining question – did either man ever get to enjoy their free cheeseburger sample?

Are you passionate about the free samples offered at Costco? What would you do if someone cut in front of you in line? Do you think that we should be able to expect better behavior from people our age? Join the conversation below!

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