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Sewing Project: A 1920s Apron

By Cherrish Krasulak February 07, 2021 Lifestyle

Have you ever wanted to sew, but were intimidated or overwhelmed by what project to try first? An apron is a tried and true sewing project that is not only timeless but a useful item. You could even give a handmade one to a baker or gardener friend!

I am laying out a few simple apron projects to try with me! I recently found a few antique sewing books for a couple of dollars. I was pleased to find pattern diagrams inside, along with vintage sewing techniques and instructions for each project.

Here is the book I will be sharing a few apron ideas for us to choose from.

aprons and caps
Copyrighted in 1922, by International Educational Publishing Company

Apron #1: “Square Sewing Apron”

This apron is a simple half apron that ties on the waist. It features a large rectangular pocket with soft gathers at the center bottom (under pocket placement). It’s trimmed in lace (or you can use rick rack).

Only 3/4 yard of fabric is required, along with up to 3 yards of trim.

Woven cotton fabric is best for this kind of apron. Medium to heavier weight as too thin will cause the apron to fall apart once used and washed.

This apron is useful for household chores such as sewing, cooking, cleaning, and gardening!

Square Sewing Apron

Apron #2: “Valentine’s Apron”

This style is simply adorable, and frilly. It requires roughly 30″x 36″ voile (or semi sheer, stiffer woven fabric), 4 yards of lace, 1 yard of beading, and 2.5″ of 1/2″ wide ribbon is optional to trim as the photo shows.

Valentine's Apron

This apron features a heart shaped pocket that is trimmed in lace and ribbon. The bib is not shown with a shoulder strap, but you could add one if you like. This apron has soft gathers on the sides. Optional beading can be added over the top of the seams.

This is a great apron for sewing, baking, or for costuming. It might even look cute hanging in your kitchen as decor!

Apron #3: “Sewing Bag Apron”

This functional apron can be turned into a bag by pulling the drawstring of the pocket in the center bottom area.

It requires about 1 yard of fabric.Medium to thicker weights, even canvas, would work for this project. 1″ wide ribbon is required, 4.5 to 5 yards in length.

Sewing Bag Apron

The small pockets on top are optional, though they add not only design but extra storage. These would be ideal to hold bobbins, or threads – even buttons!

Easy and Useful Project

These three are all relatively easy, especially if you opt out of the excess trimming. All have functional purpose as well as style.

I believe a beginner could finish these aprons in under 6 hours. If you are more advanced, these can be done in just a couple of hours.

Let’s sew an apron!

What was your first sewing project and what did you sew it for? Have you recently sewn something new? What do you think about sewing an apron? Which fabrics and projects are your favorite?

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