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How to Share Your Life Story in Book Format with Question Prompts

By Beverly Bowers March 22, 2024 Lifestyle

Have you given your legacy any thought? Do you want to leave money to a favorite non-profit or educational foundation? Do you want to make life easier for your children and grandchildren or perhaps help them with higher education or debts? Perhaps your legacy may not be monetary, so you are giving thought to other ways you want to be remembered.

My Story

Last year my oldest son gave me a gift for my birthday that turned out to be not only a gift to me, but a special gift for him, his brother, for their children, and hopefully for their grandchildren. Every week over the course of a year I was sent a question about myself and my life. I had the option of writing an answer to that question or making up a different question. My son saw every response and any pictures I posted to add impact to my story.

This was so fun! I got to share stories I had not thought about for years. Some of my favorite questions covered the following topics:

  • My birth
  • My first job
  • My faith
  • My siblings
  • My definition of love
  • My life goals

When my year was up, I reviewed all my answers, added a few more questions and pictures, and sent the package to be composed into a book. I love my book!

This project was especially important to me because I want my grandchildren to have a sense of who their grandmother is as a girl/woman, mother, wife, and professional. I realize and am sad that I did not ask my parents more about their lives. Although they shared some stories, I feel like I really did not know them well except in their role as my mother and father.

Even sadder to me is that I did not know three of my grandparents at all. They were deceased before I was born. I have memories of my maternal grandfather, however, and they are precious. I would have especially loved to hear stories about my grandmothers. I know one of my grandmothers owned several farms. I have lots of questions about that – everything from her role in running the farms to how, or if, it affected her marriage.

My gift came through a company calledStoryworth, but you do not need a special program to come up with stories about your life. You can do this yourself. Several Sixty and Me articles discuss journaling, for example.

My Next Book

Now that my memories book is in print, I am thinking about a second book with answers to other questions that I think are important for my children and grandchildren to know:

  • Why did I choose to work outside the home?
  • Was I ever discriminated against as a woman?
  • What was my favorite job? My least favorite? Why?
  • What was the hardest adjustment as a newlywed?
  • What was the hardest adjustment when I divorced?
  • What did I learn about myself as a single adult?

It is my opinion that the more we know about a person, the better we understand what drives their choices. That can lead to increased respect, honor, and even love.

Other Options

Not everyone likes to write just as not everyone will be able to leave assets to their heirs, but we certainly can leave something. Perhaps, if you have the equipment, you could create an audio recording. If you have a smartphone, video and audio recording is quite easy.

As my mother was failing and we were closing out her apartment, she would tell us stories about some of the things that were special to her, especially her jewelry. She has been gone for many years but objects that previously had no meaning now sometimes bring tears and other times smiles. As I put one of her bracelets on my arm, I remember her story and say a silent, “thank you” and blow her a kiss!

Whatever method you choose, please pass along the stories that make you unique, and I guarantee they will bring joy to your family for generations.

Let’s Have a Question:

Have you given your legacy any thought? What have you done to pass along your legacy? Do you have a unique idea of how to pass along your legacy to share with others?

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Wonderful idea!

Jacquelyn Harris

I love the idea of writing down memories for the family. I love the follow up book with answers to questions the family may have about you.

Maureen Santini

Excellent post. For a simple free way to write your life story for posterity visit

Jane Coombs

I use Storyworth this is my third year. I submit questions


I love this idea and have heard of storyworth. Thanks for the reminder. I wish I had more information about my own Mother. She had journals, but there are many questions and stories I would love to have known. I like the extra question suggestions as well. Very good article. Thank you!

The Author

Beverly Bowers is a retired financial planner who has been solely responsible for her financial life over 25 years. Her passion is to make investments understandable – dispel the mystery and simplify the process. In 2021 she self-published a book, How to Dress a Naked Portfolio, a Tailored Introduction to Investing for Women. She relishes questions from all levels of investors. You may submit questions and sign up for her blogs on her website.

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