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Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over 50

By Sandra Roussy March 12, 2023 Beauty

Do you follow trends? Do you like to watch the seasonal runway collections? Twice a year, designers from all over the world present their collections to fashion buyers, apparel industry professionals, and fashion lovers. Every six months, typically in September and February, they work their creativity into a fashion collection with trends that fashionistas will be wearing the following season.

A few of the top trends from the Spring/Summer 2023 runways include:

  1. Relaxed Jeans
  2. Romantic Lace
  3. Cargo Pockets
  4. Flowers
  5. Hearts
  6. Bold Stripes

I like to follow the trends and see the common inspirations that they hold. I know that these will be interpreted by the apparel industry and sold in stores internationally where common trends will be available.

The fashion shows can be quite overwhelming, and I don’t think that what they present can be worn by everybody – actually almost no one can wear what they show sometimes. That’s why fashion writers and professionals break it all down and make it easy to define the upcoming trends.

Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Trends You Can Actually Wear

Here are some key takeaways for Spring/Summer 2023 trends that you can interpret and merge into your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Relaxed Comfortable Jeans

Not that skinny jeans are completely gone, but we saw more relaxed fit jeans in almost all the runway shows. We also saw some flared hems that brought us back to the bell bottom era. Remember those?

Waist-Match™ Relaxed Flared Jeans

Waist-Match™ Relaxed Flared Jeans

Sheer Romance and Lace

There was a lot of skin showing on the runways with a lot of delicate sheer fabrics and laces. This always tends to give a romantic feeling.

ANNE KLEIN Broderie Cropped Lace Cardigan

ANNE KLEIN Broderie Cropped Lace Cardigan

Cargo Everything and Pockets Everywhere

I love the cargo look, and I’m always glad to see it on the runways. It’s a super easy look to wear, and you get pants and jackets with pockets to put your personal belongings.

Ralph Lauren Collection Tasha Broken-Twill Field Jacket

Ralph Lauren Collection Tasha Broken-Twill Field Jacket

Flower Prints

Flowered prints and embroideries were again in many shows. Small to big florals with a lot of blue tints.

No-Iron Stretch Flower Print Tunic

No-Iron Stretch Flower Print Tunic

All About Hearts

Hearts were all over the runways and can already be seen in the retail Spring collections. You can find bold heart prints, heart graphics, and heart embroideries.

Classic Open-Front Heart Jacquard Cardigan

Classic Open-Front Heart Jacquard Cardigan

Bold Stripes for Everyone

Stripes never really go out of style, they are a staple. But some seasons they are small stripes and others they are bold.

Multi Stripe Crewneck Pullover Sweater

Multi Stripe Crewneck Pullover Sweater

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you like the Spring 2023 trends? Which is your favorite? Which trend will you be wearing? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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I love and wear several of these trends already. Lace, Cargo Pockets (in the right location), Flowers and Bold Stripes. So much fun!


The photo illustration you chose to start off this article—I suppose one could think that perhaps you did it tongue in cheek, but if you are to be regarded as the “fashion expert” ( after 50?), encouraging women to be stylish- then this photo is in very POOR TASTE, and demeaning, and offensive if that is how you envision and portray women “over 50”. And does it encourage women to be stylish, or, encourage them to read the article according to the title? I went to it, with hope-but I certainly was deceived and disappointed.

Vanya Drumchiyska

Dear Sawa,
Thank you for your comment. Please note that feature photos are not meant to be 1-to-1 representations of the articles as sometimes this is near impossible.

I invite you instead to comment on the article itself and the trends it presented as that was the topic at hand.

On another note, should you have concerns or recommendations regarding the images we use or anything else for that matter, please contact I will be happy to discuss further.

Vanya, Editor


I disagree. You get seconds to capture someone s attention.. The feature photo is a summary.. like a photo for a feature film. Imagine having a horrible display photo and complain they should have v watched the whole movie.

Vanya Drumchiyska

That is true. However, we work with what we’ve got in terms of stock images. Also, one can never tell what someone else might consider offensive. It’s very difficult these days. Thank you for commenting!

shaggy maggie

Thank you for presenting the trends. I love the high waisted/flared jeans and bought a cute pair at my local boutique. Will pair with lacey tops in my closet. It’s fun to tweak things up a wee bit, no? That is my style; classic with a touch now.

Sandra Roussy

“Classic with a touch of now.”
What a great way to describe your style, Maggie! :)


A flared jean that cuts your leg line off above the ankle is one of the least flattering looks ever! Ick.
Hearts everywhere? Maybe, if you’re 6 years old.
Trends, by definition, come and go. Thank goodness.

Sandra Roussy

Yes, seasonal trends come and go.

They are often influenced by world events. We saw a lot of bright colors and youthful prints emerge after the pandemic and the lifted lockdowns.

Maxine Hillary

Highwater flared jeans? Three quarter lace sleeves? Baggy sweaters with bold hearts on them? Please. You should dress how you want to and not how anyone else defines at any age, but if a classic, age-neutral, timeless look is what you are going for try regular, full length jeans, solid tops, blazers, basic sweaters, and accessories. At 65 my college students compliment me on my clothes. I always look put together and interesting and some of my cowboy boots, Doc Marten boots, jackets, and blouses are older than they are.

Lisa Nazarenko

I agree with you, Maxine. These styles look ridiculous. I don’t like to buy clothes too often (or too many), so I prefer classics that can be worn many ways. Not “trendy.”


Give me classic every day!

Sandra Roussy

If you don’t like following trends, that’s fine. You do you. But why read an article talking about trends and then take the time to write a disparaging comment about the content? Also, no one is telling anyone how to dress in this article. Talking trends is not telling you how to dress. Those who are interested in and knowledgeable about trends will know how to interpret the content of this article.


The flare jeans are not flattering on anyone. I am petite with a long body and short legs – as bad as they look on me they look equally ridiculous on tall women, slender and heavy.

Terry Murphy

The 3/4 lace sleeves are lovely for spring and summer.

Vanya Drumchiyska

Dear Maxine,
Thank you for commenting. I hope we are all mature enough to recognize that an article presenting current fashion trends is not meant to tell anyone to incorporate those trends. It is meant to only provide information. You can disagree with the article content, of course, but please be respectful to our authors. They have put the time to do the research and write a piece to the benefit of Sixty and Me readers.
Vanya, Editor

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