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7 Best Leggings for Older Women

Leggings are one of the most disputed items of clothing for older women. Some of us over 50 swear by our leggings, while others are appalled by the fact that older women still wear leggings. I say, to each her own.

There is no right or wrong answer to wearing leggings after 50. I think that if you feel comfortable wearing leggings, then by all means wear them.

Here is our list of the best leggings for older women:

  1. SATINA High Waisted Leggings – buttery soft and have a super flattering high waist. They are offered in a variety of colors are very affordable.
  2. COMMANDO Control Top Leggings – internal control-top waistband that offers a sleek and smooth fit.
  3. Tailored Ponte Leggings from Chicos – high-quality Ponte knit dressy leggings.
  4. Homma Premium Slimming Leggings – offer tummy compression and come in a variety of colors.
  5. HUE Cotton Ultra Legging – wide waistband and a super comfortable cotton/rayon/lycra mix for perfect stretch and texture.
  6. HUE Women’s Pull-On Mid-Rise Denim Capri Leggings from Macy’s – super comfortable leggings that look like jeans.
  7. Plus-size Fashion Capri Legging with Eyelet Embroidery from Pennington’s – Super feminine lace-hemmed plus-size leggings are perfect to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

The only issue I have always had with leggings (even for younger women) is that they should not be worn like pants. They can leave little to the imagination depending on the fabric that they are made of. Unless I am hitting the gym in my sports leggings, I typically wear a long top or a wrap or jacket that covers my bottom.

Leggings have become a staple item in women’s closets, young and old. Some manufacturers now make them with fabrics like Ponte knit that are more elegant, just as comfortable, and flattering.

Sixty and Me contributor Jodie Filogomo also thinks that leggings are great and she shows us how You Can Look Great In Your Leggings After 50!

Let’s go over what to look for when buying leggings as a mature woman. Also, let’s take a look at the best leggings for older women on the market today.

Leggings for Mature Women – Things to Look for


Because leggings don’t vary much in styling, the thing that differentiates them the most is the fabric. They are generally made of a 4-way stretch knit fabric and contain some sort of stretch agent, like spandex, lycra, or elastane.

Polyester mix

Polyester leggings with a percentage of spandex are typically great as activewear. Polyester has good wicking and anti-moisture qualities.

Nylon mix

Nylon is another fabric that is commonly used when designing leggings. As polyester, nylon with an amount of spandex is a good fabric for gym wear.

Cotton mix

Cotton is a more natural choice. It can also be mixed with spandex to add comfort. Cotton leggings tend to look more dressy and less like gym pants. Cotton also doesn’t wick as well as man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon.

Ponte Knit

Ponte knit is a mixture of rayon, polyester, and spandex. It is a double knit fabric that has stretch but holds its shape better than other single knit jersey knits.


The inseam of leggings varies, but these are the four basic lengths that they are sold in:


Waist (or rise) height is a question of personal taste about style and comfort. High waisted leggings tend to help tuck in the tummy. Some even come with tummy control.


Black, navy, and grey are the best selling colors for leggings. But they are also sold in a variety of colors and even fun prints.

Best Leggings for Women Over 50

Let’s take a look at some versatile leggings that can be worn casually (but not necessarily to the gym) and can also be easily dressed up depending on the occasion.

SATINA High Waisted Leggings

These SATINA top rated leggings are buttery soft and have a super flattering high waist. They are offered in a variety of colors and because they are very affordable, women say that they typically buy several colors. They come in full-length and capri.

COMMANDO Control Top Leggings

COMMANDO Control Top Leggings

These leggings from Nordstrom have an internal control-top waistband that offers a sleek and smooth fit. They are a perfect nylon/elastane mix that provides ultimate comfort for all day wear.

Tailored Ponte Leggings from Chicos

Chicos designs collections with older women in mind. That means that they select high-quality fabrics, like these Ponte knit leggings. They are offered in regular sizing and also petite. They can easily be worn for dressy occasions.

Homma Premium Slimming Leggings

Homma Premium Slimming Leggings

These thick high-waisted leggings from Homma offer tummy compression and come in a variety of colors. They get constant rave reviews from women who swear by their Homma leggings.

HUE Cotton Ultra Legging

HUE Cotton Ultra Legging

These leggings from renowned brand HUE are made with a wide waistband and a super comfortable cotton/rayon/lycra mix for perfect stretch and texture.

HUE Women’s Pull-On Mid-Rise Denim Capri Leggings from Macy’s

These HUE leggings from Macy’s look like jeans but have all the stretch and comfort of leggings. Match them with a casual top and accessories for that comfy everyday look.

Plus-size Fashion Capri Legging with Eyelet Embroidery from Pennington’s

These stylish leggings from Pennington’s come in sizes up to 6X. The lace hem is feminine and definitely does not say “gym leggings”. They are super easy to dress up or dress down depending on what you wear them with. 


Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you wear leggings? What fabric and length are your favorites? How do you wear your leggings? Let us know in the comments below.

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I am a high school art teacher and still in the classroom at age 72! Leggings have recently become my “go to” basic for building a career appropriate outfit. They create a casual, comfortable look but present a more professional appearance than jeans. The key is to pair them with quality tunic length tops (T’s, blouses, blazers, sweathers, open front cardis). My fashion goal is to look pulled together with a hint of the classic (which the correct leggings can provide). My length preferences in order are: 1. ankle length 2. full length and 3. 7/8 length. In my opinion, capris are not flattering to most and best left for the gym or walking the dog.

I agree with other reviewers that leggings should be thick enough to hide figure flaws and be constructed of quality material. My favorites are ponte fabric, relegating the soft pima cottons for summer or work outs. To date, the best brand I have found are from JJill. Their leggings are designed for the mature female form, comfortable, long lasting and reasonably priced at around $50.

cynthia wolff

My “checklist” for what a good pair of leggings should fit like:

1. non-see through (obviously!)

2. a flat, wide waistband which DOESN’T roll down doing a “squat test” (but, also: so that you can pull them up to your navel -or up past your ribcage – to prevent them from feeling like they’re digging into right across your stomach lining)

3. neutral, muted colors (NOT ones covered in cats wearing sunglasses flying UFOs through confetti lol!)

4. 7/8 or ankle length (for me, personally: capris make my calves look heavy!)

5. no bagging at the knees(!)

6. that, literal, “buttery soft” fabric combination; where, they’re just the seemingly perfect “magic blend” amount of: cotton (or fleece lined) with polymide or spandex (NOT even running leggings or, for lack of a better description, the kind which look like most of the time painted-on sharkskin!: are themselves really all that warm in 40F temps)

It’s been my shopping experience, that in most cases: it doesn’t matter if they’re sub-$30-range leggings either. I don’t say this just because I happen to be thrifty too(!), but because I honestly do believe that a lot of the “designer label pricetag” does not always mean something automatically better (I’ve got four year-old workout leggings from Walmart by Avia still holding their shape — price I paid: $27).

Kelly C.

I am 56 and a “pear shape” sz 14. Leggings, literally, *ARE* A LIFE SAVER accessory for me. First of all, obviously within the boundaries of self-respect, it’s STILL nobody else’s business what YOUR own comfort level is(!). Second, though, a lot of people (especially: men with a one-track mind objectifying them) really. do. not. understand. how the sizing availability of clothing (PARTICULARLY PANTS) women have to choose from is actually soooo limited/inconsistent/and stuck in a “starve yourself-to-fit-in-one size” mindset. Personally, I need extra room in the hips/”saddlebags” area (ugghh!: trying to lose it, but it ain’t easy lol!) — however: sizing up in slacks now often means the inseam is too long as well (it’ll be down to the heel of wearing even boots; I’m 5′ 5″).

What to do?, then: BOOM! LEGGINGS to the rescue! $25 for an understated pair of basic black knit ones (vs. $80-$90 for dept. store tailored-fit trousers) — pair it with a cashmere sweater or velour blazer over a shell top along with dress shoes aaannnddd: modern, cute, COMFY totally appropriate work outfit.

I remember in the mid-2000s the (disgusting) trend of when everybody thought they could wear *pajamas* out in public. Leggings are NOT that at all (again, though, accounting that your attitude is mature enough to be aware of showing self-respect). Thank you!

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