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Cultivating Your Summer Garden through Life Coaching!

By Deborah Voll July 16, 2022 Mindset

If you are reading this in “real time” then it is July in the Pacific Northwest which I call home. If you are not a native to the area then you may not be familiar with our saying, “summer weather for us does not officially start until the 5th of July.”

It goes without saying that our springs are soggy, and we hold tight to the promise of sunny skies and warmer temperatures!

One of my true passions is gardening! When not working, you will find me in the garden, rain or shine, pulling weeds, pruning perennials, or fertilizing roses!

As a life and career coach, I like to think of the coaching process as a lot like gardening. There are many parallels, and, in the end, after all the work, you are the proud recipient of a beautiful garden.

Investing Time and Resources

To cultivate a beautiful garden, you need to invest time and energy, and the same can be said for the coaching process. Beautiful creations don’t happen overnight, and it takes careful planning, a commitment of time and aligning yourself with the right resources to make things happen.

I can’t tell you how many plants I have purchased over the years! All with the intention of creating a beautiful garden oasis for myself and family.

Recently, I had a client make the commitment to take the coaching journey. I could tell that they were excited, but a bit nervous as well. When inquiring, she mentioned that this was the most she ever spent on herself! Upon further conversation, she acknowledged that she spends way too much time and money on other things that are not purposeful and that she is worthy of this investment.

When considering a coaching journey make sure you understand your “why.” Why is this goal so important to you and how will it impact not only yourself but those in your immediate circle? You are laying the foundation for a promising return.

Nurture, Water and Fertilize

Many evenings in the height of summer I am out in my garden, making sure that the plants are getting enough water! Some require more than others so that they can thrive rather than survive. This is the same with coaching!

Each week, as I meet with a client, we are taking small steps towards significant growth. We may not see immediate results but along the way we are noticing shifts and momentum towards the goal. Being consistent and committed in the garden and our end goal, is when we get the beautiful bouquet of flowers! You too deserve to thrive in life and not just survive!


If you have a garden, you need to weed! My garden is so large that by the time I make a loop in the yard I need to start all over again with the weeding process. When I look out at the yard at all the weeds it can seem very overwhelming, but I take a deep breath and tell myself that it’s a process and that for today I need to tackle just a portion. Not the entire yard!

I also know that when pulling the weeds, it’s making room for more beauty in the garden. When you look out it’s discouraging, but when done for the day it’s hard work you can be proud of accomplishing! Weeding is never over; it’s a constant process and something that is always a part of the gardening journey.

The same can be said for the coaching process; there will be highs and lows and at times may be overwhelming but each week you will be creating small wins that will move you forward towards your ultimate goal.

By moving forward you are increasing your self-confidence and stretching to new limits! Each day you’ll take a deep breath and ask yourself what you need to do to move forward. Your coach will be guiding you along the way helping you to create the steps and holding you accountable.


Flowers will not bloom without a good source of sunshine!

The same can be said about you! The sunshine creates productive thoughts and works towards a positive mindset.

Sometimes that can be tackling those stories we tell ourselves which, however, are not true. Stories that hold us back from achieving our goals. Do you have stories you tell yourself that are holding you back from moving forward towards your goals? You won’t blossom without a positive mindset for yourself.


Every time I look at my garden, I visualize the next project or plant to introduce to my oasis! This allows me to create the momentum for moving forward when projects get overwhelming and difficult.

When embarking on a coaching journey, it’s important to visualize yourself moving through each step and seeing yourself accomplishing your goal. How will you feel once you have achieved your goal? Hold onto that feeling as it’s electric and can help you to move forward.

Celebrate the Bouquet!

There is nothing better on a summer morning than going out to your own garden and cutting a beautiful bouquet of roses! All the hard work over the months and you are finally reaping the rewards!

When reaching the end of your coaching journey, it’s important to stop and acknowledge the work you have done along the way and the achievement of your goal. How will you celebrate? By taking this time to be mindful, you are patting yourself on the back, this will help you raise your self-confidence and enable you to tackle harder goals in the future

If you are ready to tackle the weeds and grasp at some sunshine then you are ready for the coaching journey. I invite you to head over to my website and connect with me for a free exploratory call! I would love to help you cultivate your garden so you can enjoy and celebrate a beautiful bouquet!

Do you have a garden? What part of the gardening process is the hardest for you? Have you looked at your metaphorical garden, your life journey? What have you grown in it?

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Deborah Voll is a Professional Life & Career Coach who knows from her own experience that “it’s never too late to have the life you want.” Deborah helps you break through the barriers so you can reach your goals. Reach out for a clarity call or check out her Passion and Purpose Workbook.

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