Deborah Voll, Certified Life and Career Coach helps women who feel stuck. “Helping you identify your passion and how to get it is my calling.” Reentering the workplace, changing careers, or retired and wondering what’s next. Get a free call at and listen to her weekly podcast, “Calm the Chaos.”

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4 weeks ago

Planning for Retirement? Think About Time (and Not Just Money)

You’ve set a date. And the date is getting closer. We have wedding dates, baby due dates, vacation dates, closing dates, and moving dates. We prepare for all those things – we make lists, we shop, we prepare, we do paperwork. We do our homework…

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1 month ago

Are You Retired and Need/Want to Go Back to Work? Advice from a Career Coach!

Some retired women want to start a business, others want to go back into the workplace but in an entirely new field. Others want a pleasant or fun job to generate some extra money for vacations or special projects. Some women…

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2 months ago

3 Lessons I learned from Betty White

Back in January, I had the opportunity to see the movie Betty White, A Celebration, with my family. We, like others, were eagerly awaiting a 100th birthday celebration of Betty on January 17th but instead, we came together with others in a theater…

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4 months ago

8 Ways You Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You Are Alone (Or Have a Partner Who Is Just Not “Into” It!)

The date is looming on the calendar! February 14th, Valentine’s Day! It comes every year without fail and yet for some, it really does a number on our psyche. Perhaps you will be alone this year, or you struggle each year because your partner is just not into the holiday!

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5 months ago

Nearing Retirement? 3 Truths You Need to Consider

Most people haven’t given retirement much thought, only thinking how nice it will be to not have to get up at dawn. But then the days go on and you sense a little confusion or disappointment. Is this it? Is this what retirement is?

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5 months ago

The Joys – and Challenges – of My First Empty Nest Christmas

Christmas is in just a few weeks. My adult children, who finally, truly left the nest this year, were not happy when I told them about the Christmas I am planning for this year when they come home for the holidays. “No tree,” I said. Arose a chorus of complaints…

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6 months ago

5 Easy Steps to Get You on the Path to Finding a Job You Enjoy

We are all afraid of the unknown. And not knowing exactly what it is we want stops us in our tracks. So, we get stuck. We choose safety over fulfillment because of overwhelm! I’m thinking about Jesse, who was stuck in a job that, over the years…

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