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Do you have questions for the women in our community about how to get more from life after 60? This is the place to ask!

6 years ago

How Are You Making Money in Retirement? Here Are Some Ideas

As we reach our 60s, many of us are looking for creative ways to make money in retirement. Some of us are looking to earn some extra cash for luxuries, like travel and entertainment. Others are focused simply on surviving in a low interest rate environment in which it feels like we are paying the bank to hold our money. Read More

6 years ago

What’s the Truth About Reverse Mortgages? We Want to Hear from You!

A quick Google search shows just how polarized our opinions about reverse mortgages are. If you start to type in “Reverse Mortgages,” you will be greeted with the following auto-completion options: Read More

6 years ago

What Advice Do You Have for Managing the Transition to Retirement?

When it comes to making the transition to retirement, I’ve been luckier than most. I was able to work as a freelancer to supplement my income, while I worked on building my own business. I live in the same country as my son and his wife. Perhaps most importantly, I have – touch wood! – managed to avoid any serious illnesses. Read More

6 years ago

Going Through Tough Times After 60? These 27 Amazing Women Have Some Advice

I am always amazed by the strength and resilience of the women in our community. When the going gets tough, they get going… literally! They get out into nature, immerse themselves in projects, walk, do yoga, help others, pray, meditate and practice positive self-talk. Read More

6 years ago

Could You Afford Living to 100?

Over the last century, we have seen life expectancy rise dramatically. According to the CDC, if you were 60 years old in 1911, you could expect to live about 15 years longer. Now, the average 60-year-old woman will, on average, live 24 years. Read More

7 years ago

Is Tom Selleck 2016’s Sexiest Man Over 60?

At Sixty and Me, we talk about many serious issues facing women over 60 – achieving financial security, fighting social isolation and depression, making friends as an older adult and achieving healthy aging.

These issues are all important, but, once in a while, it’s fun to ask something fun and light-hearted. This was my thinking when I established our annual “Sexiest Man Over 60” award. Read More

7 years ago

30th Anniversary Couples Give Surprising Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to have marriage advice for newlyweds, even if they haven’t had a successful marriage themselves? Read More

7 years ago

Have You Bought an Overseas Property for Retirement? We Need Your Advice!

I always thought that owning a retirement property in a warm country would be paradise. So, when my son invited me to visit him in Brazil, several years ago, I was tempted to stay for longer than just a few weeks. Out of curiosity, I tracked down a local real estate agent and set out to find out what the local market was like. Read More

7 years ago

What Money Advice Would You Give Your Grandchildren?

A few years ago, I was walking in the park with my granddaughter, when she spotted an ice-cream shop, just a short distance away. Her eyes sparkled and her mouth worked itself into a cheeky smile as she prepared to convince me why we should pay the shop a visit. Read More

7 years ago

Have You Been Married for Over 30 Years? What’s Your Advice for Newlyweds?

Have you been married for more than 30 years? Congratulations!

Whether you have reached this milestone with almost no friction, or, like most couples, had to deal with plenty of “plateaus” over the years, this is definitely something to be celebrated. Read More