Healthy Aging

What is the key to healthy aging? Do you have a have good genes to live to be 100? Or, will some combination of fitness, supplements, vitamins, food and medicine do the trick? Find out here.

10 years ago

What is Aromatherapy? It’s More than Just a Pretty Smell!

You deeply inhale the sweet smell of newly cut grass and feel rejuvenated. The scent of a fragrant perfume catches you by surprise and you long for your friend you haven’t seen in ages. Freshly baked bread awakens feelings of comfort, or a just-peeled orange brings back childhood memories with your sister.

We’ve all experienced the effects of smell on our emotions or memories, but did you know you could use that connection to your benefit? Aromatherapy is more than just a pretty smell; it’s a healing modality that has been used for centuries. So, what is aromatherapy? Here are a few things to consider. Read More

11 years ago

Try These 6 Completely FREE Ways to Pamper Your Body

Women over 60 have been through a lot in life – we’ve had careers, married, divorced, raised children, welcomed grandchildren, cared for pets, houses and husbands… and now we’re ready for someone to attend to OUR needs. We deserve some pampering.

Whether it’s a morning yoga class, a day at the spa, an evening glass of wine, or a therapeutic massage, there are many wonderful ways to achieve relaxation and centeredness – but most of them cost money. Read More

11 years ago

Wondering How to Live Longer? Try These 5 Simple Ideas!

Would you like to live to be 100? Perhaps the more important question is would you like to be healthy and strong and stay physically active and mentally engaged for as long as you live? Women over 60 should be excited that

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11 years ago

3 Powerful Benefits of Meditation for Women Over 60

In today’s “always on” society, it’s difficult to go 10 seconds without being interrupted by buzzing devices, flashing computer screens, and up-to-the-second breaking news alerts. Is it any wonder that we’re all so stressed? Read More

11 years ago

Exercise Your Brain with these 6 Creative Tasks

I saw a poster once that said “don’t fear getting older, fear getting boring”. One of our biggest fears as we age is that we will lose our ability to think in new and creative ways and lose our mental sharpness. The good news is that, contrary to popular belief, it is not a given that your brain degenerates as you age. Read More