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Healthy Aging

What is the key to healthy aging? Do you have a have good genes to live to be 100? Or, will some combination of fitness, supplements, vitamins, food and medicine do the trick? Find out here.

8 years ago

I Have a Confession that Every Older Woman Needs to Hear

The truth shall set you free… Honesty is good for the soul… These are all great sayings, but they never meant as much to me as they do today. At 69, I decided it was time to tell my story. I confess, I’m a binger and purger, and it’s been going on since I was 20…

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8 years ago

How to Live to 100 – 11 Practical Tips You Can Apply Today (#2 Will Make You Feel Better!)

Do you want to know how to live to 100? Or, do you perhaps want to live to 110 and become a super-centenarian? It may sound unlikely, but, according to the UK Government Actuary’s Department, babies born in just thirty years’ time will have an average life expectancy of 150!  Read More

8 years ago

Make Hugs, Not War! Do You Know the Benefits of Hugging?

Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that can make the biggest impact in our lives. For example, have you ever thought about the benefits of hugging? Hugs can increase our happiness and reduce the stress in our lives. They can also help to reinforce our most important social bonds. So, if hugs are so important, why aren’t we getting enough of them? Read More

8 years ago

5 Personality Traits that Facilitate Healthy Aging

Despite all of our advances in science and technology, the biological basis of healthy aging is still a mystery. There can be little doubt that genetics plays a role in how we experience the aging process, but, exactly how this works is largely unclear. Read More

8 years ago

Home Remedies That Work (and Some That Don’t)

We’re practically drowning in home remedy advice these days. Everything we eat, drink or use on our bodies seems to be able to cure some ailment (or cause it – it can be difficult to tell).

The trouble, then, is knowing how to separate fact from fiction. Does green tea help prevent skin aging? Is Vaseline toxic? Should we really use coconut oil for everything? Read on and find out… Read More

8 years ago

Watching the World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder May Change Your Life

Have you ever noticed how people tend to have very different experiences with aging? Why is it that some of us stay positive right to the very end, while others become grumpy, cynical and just plain mean? Read More

8 years ago

What is the Key to Healthy Aging? Real Advice from Women Just Like You

I’m always amazed by how different our experiences with healthy aging can be. Setting aside serious injuries and illnesses, there is still a huge range of health outcomes for women over 60. While all of us experience the occasional aches and pains, some of us still feel full of energy and vitality. Others struggle to get out of the house. Read More

8 years ago

Recovering from a Stroke Could Be Easier if You Speak a Second Language

Most older adults have a specific reason for wanting to learn a second language. In my case, I wanted to be able to communicate better with my extended family, most of whom speak Russian or German. Other people simply crave the mental stimulation that comes from learning a new language. Still others see language classes as a great way to make friends. Read More

8 years ago

7 Power Foods and Super Supplements for Healthy Aging (Video)

Healthy aging is a big priority for women over 60. It’s a good thing too. After all, we are on track to live longer than any generation before us. We want to make sure that those extra years are filled with vitality and happiness. Read More

9 years ago

Saying “No” to these 5 Things Could Dramatically Improve Your Health in Your 60s

When we think about what it takes to stay healthy after 60, we usually think about what we should say “yes” to – more exercise, more veggies, more social interaction and move walking. Unfortunately, this is only half of the story. In order to get the most from life after 60, we also need to eliminate negative forces in our life. We need to remove anxiety, eliminate toxic people and get rid of our bad habits.

Here are 5 things that you can eliminate to improve your health after 60: Read More