Healthy Aging

What is the key to healthy aging? Do you have a have good genes to live to be 100? Or, will some combination of fitness, supplements, vitamins, food and medicine do the trick? Find out here.

9 years ago

Forget Anti-Aging Pills and Potions: Smiling Will Make You Younger

If I told you that I could offer you a free way to look more beautiful, be happier and feel healthier, would you be interested? No, I’m not selling an anti-aging pill. I am, of course, talking about the power of your smile to make you look and feel better. Read More

9 years ago

Longevity Secrets from the World’s Oldest Woman

Misao Okawa is a Japanese woman who was born in 1898. She is the world’s oldest person at 116 years young. In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, Misao explains her simple recipe for longevity. She advises we eat lots of sushi, sleep eight hours a night and learn to relax. Read More

9 years ago

People are Living Longer – Will 120 Soon Be the New 60?

Ray Kurzweil is Google’s Director of Engineering, and he spends a lot of his time thinking and making predictions about the future. He has a pretty good track record. For example, back when what we now know as “the Internet” was just a small network of computers in Europe, Kurzweil predicted that the Internet would become central to our lives. He also predicted that advances in artificial intelligence would make it possible for computers to beat humans at chess, eight years before it happened. Read More

9 years ago

Can Tomatoes Help Prevent Breast Cancer in Older Women? – Recent Research Says Yes!

You say “to-may-toes” while I say “to-mah-toes.” Whichever way you say it though, it appears that older women should consider eating lots of them to help prevent breast cancer. I hope this gives you one more thing to discuss with your doctor as a part of your own personal cancer prevention plan. Read More

10 years ago

6 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women Over 60

Why is it that we all know exercise is essential to a long and healthy life, yet only 32% of us over 60 regularly exercise? Nobel laureate, Daniel Kahneman, explains that we’re wired to take the easiest way to any goal, and as we age, we tend to further let ourselves off the hook. We’re going to have to trick ourselves into Read More

10 years ago

What are the Health Benefits of Massage for Women Over 60? You May be Surprised!

Massage therapy is so much more than a way to relax. It restores physical vitality and mobility, encourages relaxation and an optimistic outlook, and offers a sense of being compassionately cared for.

As we age our bodies require more tender loving care than ever before, so we need to honor that by appreciating the benefits of massage and the importance of touch after 60. Regular massage can also offer medical benefits beyond relaxation that we may not have considered. Here are just a few of the health benefits of massage for women over 60. Read More

10 years ago

What is Aromatherapy? It’s More than Just a Pretty Smell!

You deeply inhale the sweet smell of newly cut grass and feel rejuvenated. The scent of a fragrant perfume catches you by surprise and you long for your friend you haven’t seen in ages. Freshly baked bread awakens feelings of comfort, or a just-peeled orange brings back childhood memories with your sister.

We’ve all experienced the effects of smell on our emotions or memories, but did you know you could use that connection to your benefit? Aromatherapy is more than just a pretty smell; it’s a healing modality that has been used for centuries. So, what is aromatherapy? Here are a few things to consider. Read More

10 years ago

Try These 6 Completely FREE Ways to Pamper Your Body

Women over 60 have been through a lot in life – we’ve had careers, married, divorced, raised children, welcomed grandchildren, cared for pets, houses and husbands… and now we’re ready for someone to attend to OUR needs. We deserve some pampering.

Whether it’s a morning yoga class, a day at the spa, an evening glass of wine, or a therapeutic massage, there are many wonderful ways to achieve relaxation and centeredness – but most of them cost money. Read More

10 years ago

Wondering How to Live Longer? Try These 5 Simple Ideas!

Would you like to live to be 100? Perhaps the more important question is would you like to be healthy and strong and stay physically active and mentally engaged for as long as you live? Women over 60 should be excited that

Read More

10 years ago

3 Powerful Benefits of Meditation for Women Over 60

In today’s “always on” society, it’s difficult to go 10 seconds without being interrupted by buzzing devices, flashing computer screens, and up-to-the-second breaking news alerts. Is it any wonder that we’re all so stressed? Read More