Jayne Ragheb lives in Egypt has been a nurse, flight attendant and mom. It’s attitude, it’s about a mentality, accepting things for what they are and taking life as it come, and laughing at yourself all the way! Jayne is writing about anything that comes her way: good, bad or ugly.

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6 years ago

I’m Facing a Difficult Retirement Challenge. Can You Help?

My new phase of retirement is going to be a challenge. Can I do it? We’ll see.

The challenge begins in five weeks when my husband retires from his job as an airline pilot. He is used to traveling, having jet lag and doing his own thing. Read More

7 years ago

I Have a Confession that Every Older Woman Needs to Hear

The truth shall set you free… Honesty is good for the soul… These are all great sayings, but they never meant as much to me as they do today. At 69, I decided it was time to tell my story. I confess, I’m a binger and purger, and it’s been going on since I was 20…

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7 years ago

How Getting Organized for Retirement Sent Me Spinning Down Memory Lane

Today, I started packing up my home. The memories were playing in my head while I packed and taped the bubble-wrap. We spend so many years saving things, like little snippets of our lives…

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7 years ago

Getting Older Should Be About Looking Forward, Not Back

Why do we live in the past? Why don’t we look forward to whatever years we have left? Is it because we know we’re going to die? If so, I can’t think of a better reason to enjoy our lives and keep planning for the future. We should never stop dreaming, dancing, laughing and learning. Read More

7 years ago

Is it Possible to Be Cool in Your 70s?

Do you think that a person can be cool after 70? Well, I do! It’s all about attitude. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t be cool. Read More