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Is it Possible to Be Cool in Your 70s?

By Jayne Ragheb February 21, 2016 Mindset

Do you think that a person can be cool after 70? Well, I do! It’s all about attitude. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t be cool.

When Did We Stop Being Cool?

In our 50s, everything starts to change. Many of us start to think, “Nobody’s going to care what I say anymore, because they’ll think I’m just an old lady.”

Then, in our 60s, we find that our bodies can’t do the things they used to do. In addition, we start to see changes in our skin, hair and nails. Most of these changes, we really don’t like.

I’ve always been an upbeat, happy person, but, I have to admit that these things are starting to pull me down. When I started my blog, I researched these things on the Internet.

As I did, I found out that other women are going through the same things as me. It’s amazing to read other people’s stories and find that they are going through the same things as you.

Being Cool is About Enjoying Life and Embracing Everything it Has to Offer

As we age, we worry about every little ache and pain. I’m not denying that parts of the aging process are tough. That said, you have a choice. You can either cry or push through it. Lamaze works for childbirth. Having a positive attitude can counter arthritis and other problems in the same way.

Way too many people over 60 give in to the pain and end up living stagnant live. They forget to smile and become complainers. Many of these people used to love to dance. They loved life.

What is Stopping You Now?

It’s a known fact that many older people take up dancing to stay active. Actually, it’s not just about staying active. Dancing helps you to stay social and gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.

I miss dancing (my hubby doesn’t dance) but I sure have fun in my kitchen. You know what they say about dancing when no-body else is watching.

Being in your 60s or 70s is amazing. You can dress the way you want and do what you want.

Don’t want to wear light blue to go with your hair? Wear red! Make a statement!

Want to try a different hair color? Why not try green, pink, or bright blue? It’s not just for young people, after all.

Personally, I like to use blue nail polish. There are so many wonderful colors out there now. Why not give them a try? Just because we are older?

I’m Cool, How About You?

Getting older sucks, but, if we’re lucky, we have another 10, 20, or 30 years ahead of us. We can look at this time as a new adventure – a beginning of a new life. We can be cool! This next phase won’t be the same as our old life, but, that doesn’t mean it can’t be better!

What do you think it means to be cool in your 60s or 70s? What do you want to do with your life in the decades ahead? Please join the conversation.

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Susan G. Mahaney

I am 71 and definitely cool jumping rope like a pro (honestly) all over the neighborhood. I also have been lifting weights since I was 26 and am training for a sprint triathlon with daughter #3!

The Author

Jayne Ragheb lives in Egypt has been a nurse, flight attendant and mom. It’s attitude, it’s about a mentality, accepting things for what they are and taking life as it come, and laughing at yourself all the way! Jayne is writing about anything that comes her way: good, bad or ugly.

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