How to Deal with Loneliness

If you want to know how to deal with loneliness and depression, we're here to help. After talking with 1000s of women in the community, we have developed a series of articles designed to help you find friends who share your interests. We hope you find them useful!

8 years ago

How to Overcome Loneliness by Making Your Home More Friendly

If you are wondering how to overcome loneliness, you may want to start by looking around your house. It is often said that your home is a reflection of your mind. They say that the choices we make in how we decorate, who we invite into our homes and how we spend our time reflect our personality and values. This is true to an extent, but, did you ever think about the fact that the opposite is also true?

Did you ever consider that the way that you organize your home may be contributing to your feelings of loneliness, or intimacy after 60? Read More

8 years ago

How to Manage Stress and Fight Loneliness Around the Holidays

It’s ironic that the winter holidays, which are meant to be filled with relaxation, love and peace, often turn out to be a time of stress and tension. Read More

8 years ago

Dealing with Loneliness After 50 – Sixty and Me Research Results

Loneliness is a terrible emotion. It steals the fun from life, hurts our health and prevents us from following our dreams. Unfortunately, it is also a taboo subject, which few are willing to discuss in public. So, we let it sit quietly in our hearts and convince ourselves that we are alone in our loneliness. I want Sixty and Me to be a part of the solution and, as a first step, I reached out to the members of our community to ask them about their own experiences with loneliness. Read More

8 years ago

How to Deal with Loneliness in Retirement (Video)

Many women have to deal with loneliness in retirement as their personal roles and responsibilities change and evolve. Often predictable routines and support systems that gave life meaning in the past are no longer in place. Read More

8 years ago

More Women Over 60 than Ever Are Living Alone… and Loving it!

Midlife women are doing it again. As we did in our 20s, we are questioning fundamentals, challenging the status quo, being stubbornly bohemian and embracing the unconventional. Boomers are tenaciously breaking down stereotypes about aging and redefining life after 60. However, this raises an important question. Read More

8 years ago

How to Overcome Your Fears and Get More from Life After 60

Fear is a powerful emotion. It is so strong, instinctual and deeply woven into the way we interact with our world. A lot of spiritual teachers and psychologists say that fear and love are the only real human emotions and that every other emotion comes from them.

Fear is also a primitive emotion. It is the anticipation that something bad is going to happen – like a sabre tooth tiger jumping out of the bushes. These are the things our primitive brain had to worry about. Read More

9 years ago

You are Not Alone! 6 Tips for Dealing with Loneliness After 60

There is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Every woman over 60 understands this. Being alone is something we have all experienced in our lives at one time or another, sometimes by choice, sometimes by circumstances beyond our control. Many women live alone by choice, enjoying their own company and finding lots of things to keep them genuinely happy and busy. Or, even if women live with a family or a partner, there are times when they look forward to time spent alone indulging in their own passions and interests…

Read More
9 years ago

Why More Boomer Women Are Giving Communal Living a Second Look

What do medieval beguines, communal living apartments, the Golden Girls and Suzanne Braun Levine all have in common? They’re all examples of how women can support one another in dealing with the challenges of getting older. There are many things that today’s women can learn from the idea of shared living communities.  Read More

9 years ago

6 Ways to Stay Connected, Even if You Are Living Alone After 60

According to the New York Times, 200 million adults worldwide are living alone. This represents an increase of 33 percent from 1996 to 2006. In addition, many more women over 60 are living alone than previous generations, whether it’s by personal choice or due to divorce or the death of a spouse. Read More

9 years ago

The Power of Positive Thinking: Why Women Over 60 Need to Think Positively

Women over 60 are entering a new chapter of life. We have lived and loved and recovered from heartbreak and loss, we have strived in the career arena and tended the home fires and (often) nurtured children and cared for aging parents of our own. And as we get older, because of all that we have experienced and surmounted during our lives, many women over 60 find themselves feeling more optimistic about life than ever before. Read More