Managing Money in Retirement

No matter how much you have saved, managing money in retirement is critically important. Let's talk about how to make your Social Security and pension money last longer.

5 years ago

Tom Selleck Says Reverse Mortgages Aren’t Giving Away the Farm – Do You Agree?

Are reverse mortgages simply a way for greedy lenders to take the homes of unsuspecting seniors? Or are they a legitimate tool that can help people our age to stay in their homes, while having a better quality of life in retirement? These are the questions that ran through my head as I watched the new American Advisors Group (AAG) commercial, featuring Tom Selleck. Read More

5 years ago

How to Pay Off Your Retirement Debt by Negotiating with Your Creditors

If you are wondering how to pay off debt in retirement, you’re not alone. According to the latest statistics, people over 65 are struggling with mortgage, credit card and other debt like never before. Read More

5 years ago

Are Baby Boomers Suffering from Financial Shame?

Do you suffer from financial shame?

I ask this question because financial shame is far more common than most of us would like to admit. Everyone talks about how financially successful baby boomers are, but, this is just part of the story. Like every generation, we are struggling after the Great Recession. Read More

5 years ago

Important Social Security Deadline Looms – Are You Prepared?

Did you know that several Social Security rules are about to change? If not, you’re not alone! There’s a great deal of confusion about who is affected and what will happen.

True, the upcoming deadline affects a small percentage of people. That said, many of us are concerned they we lose benefits if we don’t take action. Let’s clarify the situation. Read More

7 years ago

Celebrate You! What’s the Best Thing You Bought Yourself This Year?

Shopping is a necessary part of life and, by the time we turn 60, we are pretty good at it. We know what we like, what make us happy and, for the most part, we know where to go to get it! Read More

7 years ago

How to Find Deals and Save Money with Groupon

Even if we care less about “things” after turning 60, we still get the impulse to go shopping occasionally. If this sounds familiar, you’ll love Groupon!

Maybe it’s for a new dress or pair of shoes in preparation for a stylish night out on the town. Or maybe it’s treating friends to a fancy dinner so you can all catch up and swap life stories. Or maybe it’s for a day all to yourself relaxing and getting pampered at a spa.

The problem is that you want to stay frugal, too, since you have bills to pay and necessities to budget for. And it can be hard to find a business that has a deal going on right now, or at least wait until a shop nearby holds a sale. This is where the organizing and searching power of the Internet comes in handy. Read More

7 years ago

The First Step to Getting Out of Debt After 60 is to Understand the Problem

When it comes to money, us Baby Boomers are in an interesting position. On the one hand, we hear over and over again that we are the “wealthiest generation in U.S. history.” On the other hand, the great majority of us are simply not prepared for retirement. Read More

7 years ago

Advice for Living on a Pension from the Sixty and Me Community

People reaching retirement age today are under huge financial pressure. Since, on average, we will live longer than any previous generation, our savings will need to last decades. In addition, many of us find ourselves in the position of looking after our aging parents, while living on a pension. Read More

8 years ago

Managing Your Money in Retirement Takes Creativity and Courage

Many women reaching their 60s today are not prepared financially for retirement. After years of hard work, building our careers and supporting our families, the idea of “retirement” seems a distant dream. Read More

8 years ago

Don’t Panic About Money! How to Pay Off Debt in Retirement

Many women have complex relationships with money. Learning how to manage your finances is not something that you are usually taught as a young woman. As a result, many women in their sixties find themselves dealing with complex financial challenges or wondering how to pay off debt in retirement. Read More