Managing Money in Retirement

No matter how much you have saved, managing money in retirement is critically important. Let's talk about how to make your Social Security and pension money last longer.

4 years ago

Mobilize Your Money: Manage Your Post Retirement Funds Wherever You Go

Online and mobile banking allows us to manage our money without having to step foot in a bank. The banking industry has evolved significantly over the past decade. With the prevalence of smartphones, online banking is becoming the primary way people are managing their finances. Read More

4 years ago

Retirement Fastlane? 2 Reasons to Rent Your Car for Money (and 2 Reasons to Slam on the Brakes!)

If you are approaching retirement, chances are you’re concerned about whether you have enough money stashed away to weather the years ahead. You may have even started to think about creative ways to make a little extra money in retirement…

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4 years ago

How Do You Spend Your Time and Money in Retirement?

Whether you’re retired or have chosen to work well after 60, there is plenty you can do with your free time and extra buck. Read More

4 years ago

Travel After 60: Cancelling Our Trip Felt Good – Can You Believe It?

This past summer, my husband and I kept running into people who had been to Europe on bike trips. Every conversation fed our intrigue and we started looking into a self-guided bike trip through Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. Read More

4 years ago

When it Comes to Making Money in Retirement, is $500 Better than $100,000?

Do you know what older adults fear most? Is it death? Nope. Getting a serious illness? Not even close. According to a survey by the financial company Allianz, baby boomers fear running out of money in retirement more than anything else.

Specifically, they found that 43% of boomers feared outliving their savings. That’s more than the percentage of people who feared cognitive decline and loneliness combined! Read More

4 years ago

How to Negotiate with Your Creditors in the Years Before Retirement: 8 Steps to Freedom

My trembling left hand held a cup of green tea as my right dipped into a box of Kleenex. I had long ago stopped wearing eye makeup (too expensive!) but if I had been wearing mascara, it would have been all over my cheeks by now. Read More

4 years ago

Investing in Retirement in a Socially Responsible Way: Do Well While Doing Good

Many people have a specific cause that pulls the strings of their heart. But can you make money while investing in such a cause? Join us in conversation with financial expert Pam Krueger who has the answers those questions. Enjoy the show! Read More

4 years ago

Reverse Mortgages for Seniors: Legal Robbery or Legitimate Option?

It’s not difficult to see why reverse mortgages for seniors have become so popular of late.

For starters, most of us are approaching retirement with less money in the bank than we hoped for. This is partially due to the Great Recession eating into our savings, although, if we are honest with ourselves, we probably share part of the blame for not putting more away when we could. Read More

5 years ago

Recently Retired? What Advice Would You Offer Your Younger Sisters on Saving for Retirement?

More than almost any other phase in our lives, our 60s are a time of transitions. At Sixty and Me, we like to focus on the emotional aspects of life after 60 – reinvention, making friends as an adult and overcoming your fears. Read More

5 years ago

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self About Saving for Retirement?

I’ve been thinking about retirement a lot lately. Like many women in our community, I don’t see myself slowing down any time soon. This year, I turn 70, so, I reached retirement age quite a while ago. But, as a freelance consultant and the founder of Sixty and Me, it feels like I am working harder than ever. Read More