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Pam Krueger is the founder of, co-host of MoneyTrack on PBS and national spokesperson for The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard. Pam created the award-winning MoneyTrack TV series seen nationally on over 250 PBS stations, and launched Wealthramp to match consumers to qualified fiduciary financial advisors. Visit her website here:

Latest Posts By Pam Krueger

2 years ago

Do You Really Want to Share a Financial Advisor with Your Husband?

In the case of a divorce, it may seem obvious why you don’t want the same financial advisor as your husband, but things get murkier when you’re talking about the assets you and your husband own together as you both age. Here are some reasons…

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2 years ago

5 Simple Tips for Finding Financial Freedom after 60 from a Former Stockbroker

I wasn’t old enough to rent a car, but in my early 20s a major brokerage firm recruited me to become a stockbroker. Now I’m sharing five very simple lessons that will help you get closer to financial freedom…

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5 years ago

3 Nationally Known Personal Finance Experts Take on 10 Critical Retirement Planning Challenges

Whatever life after 60 looks like to you, thinking about the money you’ll have – and how much you’ll need – during retirement shouldn’t keep you up at night. Still, it’s hard not to obsess about the most worrying questions about money and aging…

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7 years ago

What Do Financial Advisors Do? Do You Really Need One After 60?

If you’ve ever thought about asking for help with your finances – maybe trying to roll over your 401k without getting dinged by tax penalties or making sure you’re not taking too much risk with your life savings – you may have found yourself wondering what financial advisors actually do. Read More