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Managing Money in Retirement

No matter how much you have saved, managing money in retirement is critically important. Let's talk about how to make your Social Security and pension money last longer.

7 years ago

5 Tips for Managing Your Money in the Transition to Retirement

When you get to the period of transition to retirement, things get tricky. Have you saved enough money to retire? Or should you continue working? Financial advisor Allan Roth offers some tips for making the best choices when retirement comes knocking. Enjoy the show! Read More

7 years ago

What is Money? Money Management Tips for Women Over 60

Money, in our world, is a very important asset. Could money be defined as something other than paper bills and coins? Join us in discussion with financial advisor Allan Roth, who shares great insight on managing our money past the age of 60. Enjoy the show!  Read More

7 years ago

Understanding Estate Planning: 6 Beneficiary Designations and How to Manage Them

The use of beneficiary designations is one issue that is not well understood and can lead to much confusion.

Most people think it is a simple matter of naming a person to receive certain assets by will or trust or naming them as a beneficiary of a retirement plan. I only wish it were that simple! Read More

7 years ago

5 Surprising Social Security Tips for 2017

The Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for this year is a disappointment, but the COLA is not the only increase in Social Security. There are other changes, but they didn’t get as much media attention as perhaps they should have. Read More

7 years ago

Lost the Love of Your Life? What Financial Advice for Women Over 60 Can You Share?

If you have been following Sixty and Me for a while, you know that we always try to focus on the positive aspects of aging. This is because so many of the things that people consider “challenges” about getting older are actually “opportunities.”

At the same time, there is no denying that some aspects of getting older are simply horrible. For example, nothing can quite prepare you for losing the love of your life. Even if your husband is sick for a long time, it’s hard to imagine life without him… until you are forced to. Read More

7 years ago

Colonel Sanders Started KFC at Age 65. What’s Stopping You from Starting a Business?

At the age of 65, Colonel Harland Sanders was facing a crisis. Like many older adults today, he was looking at an uncertain future. His restaurant had failed and he was left only with his savings and the prospect of a $105 monthly Social Security check. Read More

7 years ago

The Millionaire Grandma: 7 Limiting Beliefs that Hold Us Back Financially After 60

What does it take to be a millionaire grandma? If you said, “having a million dollars in the bank,” you’re only half right. In fact, many women who reach this financial milestone won’t be able to live the lifestyle that most of us associate with being a millionaire… but, that’s a topic for another article! Read More

7 years ago

Why Strong Negotiating Skills Are Essential in Retirement

As we start to reach retirement age, many of us are facing a harsh reality. We simply didn’t save enough for retirement.

Some of us planned to continue working into our 70s, only to be pushed out by the very companies we dedicated ourselves to for decades. Others miscalculated how much money we needed to retire comfortably. Still others lost a significant percentage of our savings in the Great Recession. Read More

7 years ago

What’s the Truth About Reverse Mortgages? We Want to Hear from You!

A quick Google search shows just how polarized our opinions about reverse mortgages are. If you start to type in “Reverse Mortgages,” you will be greeted with the following auto-completion options: Read More

7 years ago

How I Turned a $150 Legal Advice Lemon Into $10,000 of Lemonade

At a local meeting on health care financing, a lawyer neighbor of mine, “Sam,” offered a free half-hour consultation on estate planning at the large law firm on whose staff he serves.

Being hopelessly naïve, and forgetting the rule “there is no such thing as a free lunch,” I signed up, also thinking I’d be doing him a favor as he’d get a little credit from his colleagues for having gotten an enrollee. Read More