Travel Tips and Plans

Which countries offer the best medical tourism options? Where can you find cheap hotel rooms? Do senior travel discounts still exist? These are a few of the questions that we attempt to answer in our travel tips section.

6 years ago

How to Vacation Like a Millionaire with All-Inclusive Hotels

I always travel like a millionaire – as in getting to and from a place – but I don’t always “vacation” like a millionaire. I’m perfectly fine with staying in a barebones eco-bungalow on the beach, or taking a rough and tumble road trip through the countryside and finding a B&B for the night. Because I live with a millionaire mentality, I always have a grand time. Read More

6 years ago

6 Excuses that Stop Us from Traveling After 60 and What to Do About Them

Do you have fears that stop you travelling in general? Will 2017 differ from any other year?

We at To Travel Too recently asked 100 travellers over 60 to share what would stop them from travelling in 2017. The results are in and they are really interesting. Do any of their comments resonate with you? Read More

6 years ago

How a City Girl Fell in Love with the Magic of America’s National Parks in Her 50s

The U.S. National Park Service turned 100 on August 25, 2016. As a committed city girl, I had somehow managed to live 20 years in the United States without setting foot in one of these amazing Parks. Read More

6 years ago

Need a Senior Travel Companion? How About Your High School BFF?

We walked to high school every day. Now we are recently retired with children grown and husbands gone. This week we’re going on a big walk together, in the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier. A girly road trip in the wild American west. No reservations, just adventure. Move over Thelma and Louise! Read More

7 years ago

How I Learned to Avoid Senior Scams, While Traveling, the Hard Way

Do you think as Baby Boomers we­ are more of a target for thieves and scammers? Are we really that vulnerable? One thing I do know is that it is the most stressful part of travel if it happens to you. Read More

7 years ago

Stress-Free Travel After 60 is Possible – Just Don’t Forget Your Magic Wand!

Years ago, when I encountered any sort of problem or difficulty at work, I would tell my team not to worry. I would reassure them that I would just bring in my magic wand. Everything would be fine. Read More

7 years ago

Hotels, B&Bs and Camping Sites: Where Do You Love to Stay When You Travel?

Being in the travel industry all my life has given me access to many different styles of lodgings. From large all-inclusive resorts to small family owned boutique style hotels and everything in between. Although I did draw a line at tents… camping is not for me! Read More

7 years ago

Can Travel Help You to Experience Healthy Aging? Road Scholar Says “Yes!”

Travel is energizing, relaxing and wonderfully transformative. It is also good for your health.

A recent CNN show even claimed that travel for pleasure can add years to your life. Perhaps this is because activities associated with travel, like walking and social engagement are good for both the brain and body. Read More

7 years ago

Travelling the World in Retirement with Only a Carry-on, Plus Our Packing List

Our lifestyle is now minimalistic so our travel style should represent the same.

Since 2013, we have travelled the world with too much luggage. Do you know the feeling? How many times have you packed clothes or even shoes that you didn’t even wear? Our goal was to travel lighter and smarter! Read More

7 years ago

7 Powerful Life Lessons From My Trip to Bali

I’m sitting in my little hotel in Bali, packing my bags to come home to Switzerland, my head full of memories and my heart full of love for this wonderful island and its amazing people. Read More