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Are You Ready to Take a Break – from Alcohol?

By Janet Gourand March 15, 2024 Lifestyle

Many of us start drinking during our 20s and 30s – to socialise and have fun. As we get older, some of us switch to using a glass (or two) or wine in the evening to relax or to relieve stress. The evolution from “socialising” to “self-medicating” has begun.

Alcohol is insidious – it creeps up on us and many of us find that we have become daily drinkers. However, we live in such an alcogenic culture that it just feels normal. Not having a drink when socialising is far more likely to be noticed!

Here’s the thing, though. Alcohol is a toxin, and we owe it to our amazing bodies and brains to take a break now and then. It could be time to ask yourself this question:

Could I go for 66 days without a drink?

Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should Try

30 Days Is Not Long Enough

Many of us have done a Dry January but 30 days is just not long enough to experience the benefits of sobriety. Whereas 66 days of sobriety will boost your health, improve your looks and give you a glimpse of just how awesome alcohol-free living can be!

We Need to Make Sure We’re Not Addicted

Alcohol is a drug, and we need to take regular breaks to ensure that we are not becoming dependent. 20% of social drinkers will become dependent over the years. Alcohol is insidious and sneaks up on us which is why an annual “dependence-check” makes so much sense.

A Break from Alcohol Has Slimming Benefits

66 alcohol-free days will certainly have an impact on your waistline. Of course, wine is full of sugar, and it also leads to unhealthy snacking. Even more important to know is that because alcohol is a toxin your body will focus on metabolising it first. In fact, every drink will put your fat burning mechanism on hold for at least 24 hours. For more info listen to this podcast.

Your Looks Will Improve

A break from booze will have a positive impact on your looks. You will lose that puffiness in your face, your skin will clear and your eyes will sparkle. The average US woman spends $300 a month on beauty treatments. The global wellness economy is estimated to be worth $4 trillion. We are on an endless quest for wellness and vitality and youth. Yet ditching alcohol is the best beauty treatment of all – and it’s free!

A Challenge Is More Socially Acceptable

“Alcohol is the only drug we have to justify not taking,” sounds harsh but is true. If you tell your family and friends that you have given up drinking, they may well ask you why on earth you would do such a crazy thing. Whereas tell them you are doing a 66-day alcohol-free challenge as a health kick they could well leave you in peace – or even join you! ;-)

Better Sleep Is Certainly a Bonus

To feel rested, we need 7 cycles of REM sleep. Drinkers usually get 2 at the most. The resulting fatigue builds up over the years, especially if you drink a glass (or two) of wine every evening. Ditch the drink for 66 days, and you will sleep like a baby and begin to feel fabulous — who knew?

You Will Experience the “Domino Effect”

After a significant period of sobriety, your mind will clear and your energy and motivation will come flooding back. You may well start reviewing and changing other parts of your life – your eating plan, your exercise program, your career and your relationships.

Enjoy Spring and Summer More Fully

We’re (finally) coming into Spring and Summer is not far off. Wouldn’t you just love to start the summer feeling happier, healthier, slimmer and full of energy!

Why 66 Days?

There’s been a neuroplasticity revolution taking place over the last couple of decades, and this is great news for us 60+ ladies.

Gone is the outdated idea that our brains stop evolving in our mid-20s. The latest science is telling us that our brain is constantly rewiring itself. You’ll wake up with a different brain tomorrow to the one you have today.

How fabulous is that!

In fact, one study done on 57-72 year-olds discovered that their brains gave birth to between 500 and 1,000 new neurons in their hippocampus alone – every day!

The science is also showing us that 66 days is long enough to change a habit and build a new neural pathway.

If you want to see the research which led to the 66 day principle then here it is.

Building New Habits

Our brains have been wired for survival so we like to take the easiest route to whatever result we want. That’s why we may find ourselves pouring that glass of wine rather than going for a run if we want to wind down and relax.

To build that new habit of not drinking for 66 days we have to create a new route – a new neural pathway.

Here’s an analogy to illustrate the process:

Imagine you’re trying to get from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Route 1-15 is going to be the fastest route.

What if you pulled over to the shoulder and began driving on the sagebrush? The goal may remain the same (Los Angeles) but you’re taking a less efficient route. It’s going to take more time and be more painful.

However, if you took that sagebrush road again and again, day after day tire tracks will form and you’ll gradually be able to pick up speed. That’s exactly what happens in our brains as we build a new habit – we build a new neural pathway. If you continue with your new habit, it will eventually become like a superhighway!

So, yes, changing your habits is hard in the beginning but once you’ve built that new neural pathway, you’ve changed the game and there’s no better feeling than to look back at your superhighway and know that it didn’t get there by accident – it was built by design!

Try the 66 Day Experiment!

Now you’ve read the science and understood the theory – are you ready to put it into practice?

Are you ready to go for 66 days without uncorking that bottle of wine?

Even if you are just looking to cut down, then take a 66-day break and you will find it SO much easier to drink within the low-risk levels of one and a half bottles of wine (or six beers) a week.

If you are thinking about making alcohol-free living a permanent lifestyle then you will find it SO much easier after 66 days.

At Tribe Sober we’ve been running our #Sober66 Challenge twice a year… for years. Many of our Challengers feel so great after 66 alcohol free days they decide to keep it going.

Join Tribe Sober’s Annual #Sober66 Challenge!

If you’d like a bit of support to get through the 66 days then join the Tribe Sober #Sober66 Challenge and you’ll get online, community and audio support for 66 days from the day you sign up.

The Challenge begins on the 20th March so sign up today!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

How many years have you been drinking? Do you drink consistently – a glass or two of wine most evenings? Have you ever tried to take a break to test your dependence? Have you noticed an impact on your looks after a taking a break? Did you lose weight? Do you ever worry about your drinking? Are you aware of the health dangers of alcohol as you get older?

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Remember ladies that your drinking affects many people — your family, friends, and coworkers. Hats off to all those who take the challenge.

janet gourand

you are quite right Jennifer – it was only after I quit that my son shared his worries about my drinking!

Isobel Jones

I’ve lost everyone I love over the years. I drink alcohol to numb the pain and I’m terrified of being without it. I know I need therapy and I need sobriety and I need support, but alcohol is the only thing that makes me feel OK at the end of the day. The reality and trauma is overwhelming alone.

janet gourand

I’m so sorry to hear this Isobel – please connect with our community and we’ll teach you more healthy ways to cope – get can get more info via this link or email me


In my 20s 30s & 40s, I was drinking. It was so easy to go out and socialize and guys would buy me drinks so I lost count. I was in the military all those years and that was part of the culture. Part Italian too, so there’s that. But I have a strong will and when I noticed that when I was still drinking at the end of the night, at a bar, alone….I made a decision to stop. It seams easier to stop if you don’t keep that stuff in your home. But that’s something too, I live alone so there are no other influences but my own. Was very easy during the pandemic, no open bars… My skin did clear up, I felt better and my artistic block is no longer. I have 2 uncles that have needed to be clean and sober and they struggle with influence and a desire to drink but I don’t have that. I’m not around my family too much but when I am, I may have one or two drinks with them. I feel like I’m open to discovering new is better without alcohol and yes it saves money!
Take care, be strong….
let’s enjoy growing old, find new things to do and live!

janet gourand

lovely message Maria! yes lets stay open to new experiences and enjoy growing old without the health problems that alcohol can bring best wishes Janet x


I finally stopped drinking wine back in early December 2023. Haven’t had a sip since. It’s been hard emotionally at times, but I feel so much better. Way more energy, sleep better, skin looks better and more money in my pocket. I’m so grateful, to myself, for taking this big step.3 1/2 months sober!


Congratulations! I did exactly the same thing. Finally sleeping better, more energy, switched out a couple of friends so I could be more active and have more fun, and all without outside help. I just knew that it was the best thing for me, and it is.

janet gourand

fantastic Cheryl – well done!


Smart lady. There is nothing good that comes from alcohol!

janet gourand

how right you are Joyce – alcohol adds nothing (but trouble) to our lives!

janet gourand

the first 3 months are the hardest Maureen – you’ve nailed them and now you are going to reap all the benefits of an alcohol free lifestyle -Sobriety is the gift that keeps on giving so enjoy! Janet x

The Author

Janet Gourand is a writer, a podcaster and a recovery coach. She quit drinking in 2015 at the age of 63. She founded Tribe Sober which enables people to change their relationship with alcohol. Tribe Sober is an international community which offers a membership program.

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