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Take an Electric Slide Down Memory Lane: How Many 1970s Dances Do You Remember? (Vintage Videos)

By Sixty and Me January 23, 2018 Lifestyle

I love to dance… and have the embarrassing pictures to prove it! So, today, I’d like to share a few videos of my favorite 1970s dances. Let’s take an electric slide down memory lane together!

Like My Life, the 1970s Dance Scene Was Intense!

Although I spent many hours, as a teenager, in front of the TV dancing the Mashed Potato and Watusi, the 70’s were a different decade. For me, they were filled with college and work (both full time activities) and participation in social issues that required more political manoeuvring than the complex choreography of popular line dances.

But the Memories Are Strong!

Disco was beginning to emerge and, although the whole thing seemed a little silly to me, I still loved the music of Saturday Night Fever, Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor. I can still sing “I Will Survive” word for word.

The glitter, sparkle and shine of Disco must have touched me deeply because, even today, I love the music of the 70s. If I’m honest, my passion for shiny necklaces and jewellery was probably born in that decade too.

How about you? Did the 1970s – and 1970s dance culture, specifically – have a big impact on your life?

I hope you enjoy this wonderful compilation of 1970s dances. And, if you find yourself doing The Hustle or The Bump, just be extra careful! We’re not teenagers anymore!

The Hustle

Few dances had as much of an influence on 1970s pop culture than “The Hustle.” The dance, which originated in Van McCoy’s song of the same name and went on to be popularized in the film Saturday Night Fever became an instant – and lasting – hit! Come on, let’s do the hustle!


The Bump

Aptly named, The Bump, featured a single step, which ended in a bump. When two dancers of similar size paired off, everything was fine. But, if a smaller person ended up facing off against a heavier partner the results were often… flight inducing! Take a look and let us know what you think!


YMCA – an Iconic 1970s Dance

Another dance that has survived for decades and is still a part of popular culture is the YMCA. The iconic dance by The Village People was one of the only 1970s songs that didn’t require you to move your feet. So, even if your boyfriend couldn’t dance, he could still look cool… well, at least by the standards of the day! Let’s watch one of the most iconic “feel good” songs from the 70s!


The Funky Chicken Dance

Now associated with cruise ships and cheesy birthday parties, The Funky Chicken was once a popular song. Of course, in fairness, the “modern version” of the song is nothing like the original!

Like so many 1970s dances, it’s difficult to image doing this dance in public… but, that’s exactly what many of us were doing! Let’s do the Funky Chicken, another iconic 1970s dance! Take a look!


The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop was one of the most iconic 1970s dances. Unfortunately, it was also one of those dances that only someone like John Travolta could make look easy! Let’s take a walk down memory lane and do the Bus Stop!


The Disco Finger

This was another amazing 1970s dance that was popularized by the film Saturday Night Fever. It basically involves rolling your hips in one direction, while you raise your hand, finger pointed skyward, in the opposite direction.

It’s a lot of fun once you master it! You’ll see an example after 1 minute 20 seconds in this video:


The Robot

The robot influenced 1970s dance in so many ways… and it continues to do so today. Just watch a video of millennial kids “popping” and you’ll see instantly where their inspiration came from!

Here’s a video of The Robot, performed by Michael Jackson.


The Electric Slide

The Electric Slide represents everything that I love about 1970s dances. It is silly, social and so much fun! It is also easy to learn and great for a laugh. Check out this video of The Electric Slide!


So, there you have it! 7 iconic songs from the 1970s. I hope that you enjoyed them. Did we miss any? Please let me know in the comments!

Which 1970s songs and dances do you remember? Did you like to go out dancing? Or did you see them on TV and in films like Saturday Night Fever? Let’s have a chat!

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