What do women really want? That’s the question that many of us find ourselves asking as a friend approaches her 50th birthday. After all, 50 today is not what it was a generation or two ago. 50-year-old women today are vibrant, passionate and active. Most of them are still enjoying their careers, although they may have begun to dream about retirement.

Well, since we have over 150,000 women over 50 in our community, I hope that we can help to answer this age-old question together.

What is the Best Gift for a Woman on her 50th Birthday?

Is it best to go with something that reflects one of her passions? Or, would most women appreciate something more relaxing, like a spa treatment or massage? Should you mark the passing of her 50th birthday with something memorable, like a piece of jewelry? Or, should you give her something handmade and personal?

I’d love to get your feedback on this. Please take a few seconds to vote in the comments on the best 50th birthday gift for a woman.

Personally, I’ve been giving out dozens of our own Sixty and Me gentle yoga for seniors DVDs lately. I just love the idea of giving someone a healthier future. But, I’d also love to hear from you!


If you are a woman, please think about the best gifts that you have ever been given. If you are a man, please think about a time that you gave a woman in her 50s a gift that was particularly well received.

What’s the best gift for a woman on her 50th birthday?

An experience – cooking class, skydiving, etc

Something involving one of her passions

Something travel related – weekend trip, etc

A celebration with friends and family

Something practical – kitchen items, tools, etc

Something personal and handmade

Something soothing – a massage or spa treatment

Something memorable – jewelry or a watch

A life-changing book

Something else (please add in the comments)

One thing is clear. Even if we don’t need gifts from our friends and family, it’s always nice to know that people care! If you know a woman who is turning 50 soon, don’t forget to reach out and tell her how much she means to you!

Did we miss any important gift categories? What do you think are the best 50th birthday gifts for women? What is the best gift that you have ever received? Please join the conversation.

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