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Are These the Best Summer Foundations for Aging Skin? We Think So! (Video)

Ariane Poole and I are both ignoring aging stereotypes and letting our hair grow for the summer. Who says older women can’t wear long hair! Not us!

Before my latest interview with Ariane, I reached out to the Sixty and Me community to ask them what questions they had about makeup for older women. One comment that came up repeatedly was “What is the best summer foundation for aging skin?”


Makeup is Completely Different in Summer

We all know that we just can’t use the same products that we use in the winter months. When the temperature and humidity are high, we have to think creativity about what foundation is going to work.

Fortunately, Ariane has some great summer foundation options for us to consider!

How to Use Foundation During the Summer

During our interview, Ariane gave some great advice for getting the benefit of foundation during the summer. Her first piece of advice was “Don’t put on too many layers of foundation.”

In the summer months, the humidity causes perspiration and we don’t want moisture to make little rivulets in our heavy foundation.

Ariane’s second piece of advice: “Skip the moisturizer and use sunblock instead.” During the summer, she recommends not even applying primer. Facial oil is ok because, strangely enough, it doesn’t make your skin oily.

Speaking of Sun Protection

Next, we talked about the importance of sun protection. Of course, it’s a good idea to wear sunblock all year round, but, it is especially important during the summer.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “the damage has been done.” Not only can you reduce your risk of skin cancer by using sunblock, but, it will also help to keep your skin healthy looking longer.

Ariane shared a new sun protection product that she loves. It’s called Body Shop Skin Defence and it has an SPF 50. Yes 50. Fortunately, it’s not thick and heavy and goes on like a light coat of water.

If you love to put on a light coat of summer foundation here are the light, medium and heavy options recommended by Ariane Poole and I.

Light Summer Foundations for Older Skin

I love Ariane’s Ultimate face tint. It is a great all-year-round product. It is also perfect for light coverage in the summer.

Her CC foundation is also a good option. Ariane reminds us not to be fooled by the light color, because it morphs into your skin shade and gives a beautiful luminosity. This is a perfect light option for summer.

Medium and Heavy Summer Foundations

If you are looking for a little extra coverage, Ariane recommends Estee Lauder Enlighten. It is a little heavier than a CC cream.

For heavier foundation coverage, Ariane suggests Estee Lauder Double Wear Light for a flawless stay in place summer foundation solution.

Just remember that the key is not to overdo your foundation in the summer!

Avoid Mineral Powders in the Summer

Ariane’s final piece of advice was to avoid mineral powder foundations in the summer.

For starters, the formulation gets stuck in the grooves of your face, which is already struggling with humidity. In addition, it tends to make your pores look bigger, which is not a good look. Instead, she points out that there are mineral liquid foundations that are ok to use.

Generally, in the summer, Ariane does not use a powder to cover her foundation. If you do want to use a powder, consider a lightweight translucent product!

By the way, Ariane and I have also recorded a makeup video series designed just for older women. Sixty and Me women have been enjoying them to learn how makeup can help to accent their aging faces. There are also a number of free videos as well.

Do you like to wear foundation in the summer? What do you think is the best foundation for older skin? Have you tried any of Ariane’s product line? What foundation do you tend to use in the summer? Please join the conversation.

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