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There Are Plenty of Ways to Discover Cool Sites – Here’s One of My Faves

By Margaret Manning May 28, 2014 Lifestyle

Everyone has their favorite websites. But, with so many to choose from, finding new places to visit online, while avoiding all the nonsense, can be challenging.

Contrary to some stereotypes, women over 60 are an adventurous and experimental group. We want to find new ways to get information and express ourselves online and we want to do this with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of security. I’m about to introduce you to an online portal that may help you to do exactly that. is what some would consider the ultimate internet portal. The team at All My Faves has sorted through thousands of websites and chosen the ones that they believe have the most value. This includes links to sites that specialize in art, business, education, music, photos, shopping, travel and many other topics that are of specific interest to Boomers.

As of the writing of this article, there is no advertising. It is simply a very well organized portal that points you to sites that focus on the topics you love. I personally found their choices high quality and well structured.

By itself, the well organized and curated links on All My Faves would be enough to make the site useful. But, the site also allows you to create your own personal homepage with links that you like to visit. It’s like having a visual representation of all of your favorite places to visit online, so, that you are only one click away from the content you want.

Their blog also contains profiles of sites on a number of topics. For example, they have profiles of entrepreneurship sites like and fun language sites like Playalong for Charity. I have to admit that I got stuck on this last one for 5 minutes trying to recall the parts of the body spelt with only 3 letters. There are fun sites for learning a new foreign language like I never would have found this site in a million years, but it has become one of my new faves.

Technology can open new doors and lead you on new wonderful adventures. The computer is a gateway to fun and entertainment and All My Faves is a helpful navigator. I dare you to try to spend less than 30 minutes on this site. Let me know if you succeed!


What is your favorite website? What are the other sites that you visit every day? Please leave your comments below.

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